Innovations To The LED Video Wall

Feb 1, 2017 | Digital Signage

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Once limited to sporting venues and cinema foyers, today LED video wall technology is cropping up everywhere.

Why are so many users opting for video walls over a single large screen?

The popularity of the solution can be explained by its flexibility and cost-efficiency. An LED video wall can be compromised of multiple panels allowing for the customisation of tile layouts. Scalable to any size or shape, this solution is favoured by those looking to optimally fill a space, or achieve unusual manufacturer proportions. Unlike with many large screens, content on an LED video wall looks great whatever the angle of viewing. Deployers can also enjoy greater screen area and pixel density per unit cost over having to procure single screens manufactured to an unusual resolution, shape or size.

The power of video

It’s 2017 and all marketing trends point to video. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, 74% of all internet traffic this year will be video. Reflecting this, YouTube has become one of the largest search engines in the world. Installing an LED video wall is an unparalleled way to channel the power of video. Already today we are conditioned to consume information through this medium. We don’t read newspapers; we watch the news. Our attention spans are shorter than ever. Video advertising is effective because viewers can passively consume content without the commitment that reading demands. No OOH advertising display captures attention quite like a vast video canvas with incredible picture clarity.

Interactive content messaging

LED video wall technology leads the way when it comes to targeted content marketing. The days of guessing the demographic of an audience and putting out content according to estimation are drawing to a close. Smart LED displays are now able to capture, through sensors, data such as the height, gender and age of their viewers. This information is collected and sent to display owners real-time. Empowered with this information, advertisers are able to tailor the content they put out on LED video walls and other displays, specifically targeting a real, and not approximated, demographic. With interactive content messaging, digital advertising is more effective than ever. A fact that is being proven through sensors tracking increases in footfall and viewing time.

Innovations To The LED Video Wall TrouDigital

Tap-culture integration

Another innovation to the LED video wall is ‘RFID’ (or radio frequency identification) integration. In layman’s terms, we’re talking about ‘tap technology’, the culture of which is becoming more and more prominent in day to day life, and especially in cities like London. With RFID integrated video walls, you can assign specific tags to specific content within your playlist that is then triggered whenever someone taps on an RFID reader. While underused at the moment, this level of interactivity is an exciting development for LED video walls. Advertisers would be able to load multiple videos on their displays, for instance, and then let their audience decide which one plays.

Augmented reality innovation

A final innovation one can’t help but talk about is augmented reality (or ‘AR’). Once again, an LED video wall is an exciting canvas upon which to explore cutting-edge technologies. Creative applications for AR include viewers using their phones to scan augmented reality content onto a video wall display, triggering specific file content. Alternatively, a camera-based solution might be installed to allow augmented reality content to be placed over the faces of viewers, much like filters in the app Snapchat. Far from being a novelty feature, this application revolutionises the way audiences engage with OOH displays. Entire marketing campaigns can – and will – be built around AR integrated screens, with innovative brands already testing the waters.

An LED video wall is already one of the most effective ways to capture attention in public spaces. Innovations in smart sensor screens, RFID and AR integration are only consolidating its place as the ultimate OOH advertising tool.

Innovations To The LED Video Wall TrouDigital

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