Top 5 Uses of Point of Sale Digital Signage

Dec 6, 2019 | Digital Signage

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

The tills are a crucial part of the customer journey. They are the perfect opportunity to up sell and show your customers the best you have to offer. One way of enhancing your point of sale activities is to install point of sale digital signage. Point of sale digital signage gives you another channel to promote the latest offers and generate additional revenue.

What is Point of Sale?

Point of sale is the place in the customer journey where goods are purchased. The main example of this is the tills within a shop. Businesses will strategically set up their point of sales area to entice customers to spend more, or perhaps sign up to a loyalty scheme. One method that stores use involves building an attractive display showing off popular products or impulse buys. Point of sales areas are a crucial zone that businesses need to optimise in order to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Promote Best Selling Products

Point of sale digital signage is an effective way to generate more sales at the end of the customer journey. With sleek looking screens playing dynamic, captivating content, your customers can clearly see the best-selling products. This is the best time for promotions as the customer is already in a buying mood. When they see your products on the screen, it’s likely to arouse interest and can often lead to an additional sale. 

Point of sale digital signage has the ability to showcase how products can be used. Using a retail example, instead of just having ‘best selling dresses’ hanging up on a point of sales display rack, you can actually show a video of the dress being worn and hopefully entice them into making a purchase. 

Top 5 Uses of Point of Sale Digital Signage TrouDigital
Point of Sale Digital Signage example – Cafe

2. Extend Marketing Campaigns

‘The rule of seven’ suggests that a customer needs to be exposed 7 times to an advert before considering making a purchase. This means that you want your potential customers to be exposed to your advertsiments as frequently as possible. One way to do this is to extend your marketing campaigns via your point of sale digital signage. For example, if you are running a TV advert that contains your marketing messages, you can run variations of the advert on your point of sale digital signage. Helping to boost ‘the rule of seven’ increases brand familiarity and may bring customers closer to making the all important purchasing decision. 

That being said, you don’t just have to recycle adverts that you’ve already used, you can extend your current advertisements to create more of a buzz around a product. For example, you could feature marketing content on your screens that is exclusive to the physical store. This could be extra content that gives context to a TV advert or social media campaign. Overall, it’s a great way to achieve ‘the rule of seven’. 

Top 5 Uses of Point of Sale Digital Signage TrouDigital
Point of Sale Digital Signage Example – Leisure Centre

3. Increase Visual Identity

Having fantastic point of sale digital signage doesn’t stop at sales, it’s a great way to improve your business’ visual identity. In a world saturated by brands and businesses, you need to take action to make sure you’re standing out amongst the competition. One way to do this is by installing attractive digital screens that correspond with your brand’s colours. This will help make your customers feel familiar and more comfortable within your store. 

Video walls are one of the best methods of heightening your point of sales efforts. Video walls are often used by marketing teams to improve visual identity as they stand out and wow customers. Think of the iconic digital signage at Piccadilly Circus and how a marketing tool has become a cultural hot-spot for tourists and shoppers. 

Top 5 Uses of Point of Sale Digital Signage TrouDigital
Digital Signage Example – Dentist Waiting Room

4. Promote Future Deals

The till is also an opportunity to promote and raise awareness about future products. Traditional print media like posters and leaflets blend into the background and are easy for customers to miss. Whereas eye-catching point of sales digital signage can grab your customer’s attention and let them know what’s coming next. For example, you could schedule a Black Friday animation 2 months in advance at the checkouts. When customer’s go to pay for their products within these two months, they will know to visit the store during Black Friday.

Top 5 Uses of Point of Sale Digital Signage TrouDigital
Digital Signage Example – Pizza Promotion

5. Social Media

We all know that social media is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. With point of sales screens, you can celebrate your happy customers alongside your best selling products. Demonstrating that customers love your business can ultimately have a positive influence on purchasing decisions. Whether it’s tweets from a customer or Instagram posts about your products, point of sales digital signage are a great way of improving your social media efforts. 


Top 5 Uses of Point of Sale Digital Signage TrouDigital
Social Media on Phone
Point of sale digital signage is a fantastic way for your business to increase its sales performance. Showcase your best products, highlight your deals and broadcast your social media channels. If you’re interested in installing point of sale digital signage at your business, contact the team here.
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