Point of Sale Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses

Dec 6, 2019 | Digital Signage

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Checkout is a crucial part of the customer journey. Significantly, the tills provide the perfect opportunity to upsell products and show your customers the best you have to offer. Despite this, upselling products can be a tedious task for staff. Point of sale digital signage is, therefore, a refreshing method of enhancing checkout sale activities. 

Point of sale digital signage optimises checkout sales and provides another channel to promote the latest offers and generate additional revenue. This blog explores the 5 top uses for point of sale digital signage, from promoting your best sellers to expanding the reach of social media campaigns.

What is ‘Point of Sale’?

The point of sale is the place in the customer journey where goods or services are purchased. This place could be the tills in a physical store or at a virtual checkout online. In a store, businesses will strategically set up their points of sale to entice customers to spend more or, perhaps, sign up for a loyalty scheme.

One method stores use during point of sale advertising involves building an attractive display showing off popular products or impulse buys. Significantly, estimates suggest that up to 62% of in-store purchases can be considered impulsive purchases. As a result, point of sale areas are crucial zones for businesses to optimise to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Promote Best Selling Products On Point Of Sale Digital Signage

Point of sale digital signage is an effective way to increase sales at the end of the customer journey. With sleek-looking screens playing dynamic, captivating, and colour-vibrant content, the best-selling products or products that need sales-boosting will stand out to customers.

The point of sale is a critical moment for displaying promotions. Customers are already in a buying mood and under the time pressure of a moving queue. Seeing products on the bright screen will arouse interest in customers and often lead to an additional sale. Additionally, this digital advertising removes the constant need for staff to ask every customer if they would like to buy a specific product. Also, the electronic screens stand out far more than a dull print poster.

Moreover, beyond just seeing the product in front of them, the multimedia capabilities of digital signage allow customers to see how the products are used, such as through video content. In retail, for example, instead of just having the best-selling dresses hanging up on a point of sale display rack, show a video of people wearing these dresses to entice customers into a purchase. Notably, viewers are 64-84% more likely to buy a product after watching a video, emphasising the power of point of sale digital signage.

Point of Sale Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

2. Extend Marketing Campaigns Using Point Of Sale Digital Signage

‘The rule of seven’ suggests that a prospective buyer needs to be exposed to a marketing message at least 7 times before they buy a specific product or service from you. This statistic indicates that potential customers should be exposed to your advertisements as frequently as possible. One way to do this is to extend your marketing campaigns via your point of sale digital signage. 

Unlike static print posters, point of sale digital signage can run a television advert containing a product marketing message. This content can encourage in-store sales. By extending your wider marketing campaigns in-store, you help to boost product visibility and increase brand familiarity. Customers will be at different points within their rule of seven journeys. Nevertheless, these steps bring all customers closer to making the all-important purchasing decision. 

Furthermore, in-store advertisements do not just have to be re-runs of television or social media content. Switch things up with in-store exclusive marketing content and contextual advert variations to enhance your wider marketing campaigns. This fresh content will keep viewers interested and create a buzz around specific products. Overall, point of sale digital signage is a valuable way to achieve ‘the rule of seven’. 

Point of Sale Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

3. Increase Visual Identity With Digital Content

Point of sale digital signage is not all about boosting sales; it is also a great way to improve brand visual identity. In a world saturated with brands and businesses, you need to take action to make sure your business stands out amongst the competition. 

One way to do this is by installing attractive digital screens with content that corresponds with your brand’s colours, fonts, and style at the point of sale. Intertwine these identifiable factors into brand promotion and product promotion. One idea is to display your logo large alongside opening hours or a slogan. This branded content will help your customers feel familiar and more comfortable within your store. It will also give them something stand-out to remember once they leave.

Video walls are one of the best methods of heightening your point of sales efforts. Marketing teams often use video walls to improve visual identity, as they wow customers. A prime example is the iconic digital signage at Piccadilly Circus; here, a marketing tool has become a cultural hot-spot for tourists and shoppers. On a smaller scale, video walls can revolutionise your in-store appearance, creating a memorable visual identity.

Point of Sale Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

4. Promote Future Deals On Point Of Sale Digital Signage

Raising awareness of future products and deals can also be achieved with point of sale advertising. Unlike posters that often fade into the wall, bright point of sale digital signage can capture attention and build hype around products, sales, or deals to come.

For example, you could design and schedule an animation and marketing message for Black Friday to display two months before the day at the checkouts. This location is a place everyone will notice. In turn, people will know that your store will be taking part in Black Friday, and they can plan ahead.

Similarly, when you know a specific promotion is coming up, schedule this to display at the appropriate time and day using digital signage software. This content could include a countdown to an offer and themed content on the day. This scheduling functionality improves store operations and allows staff to prepare in advance for upcoming promotions.

Point of Sale Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

5. Utilise Social Media To Increase Engagement

Social media is an increasingly important communication platform throughout society; 4.14 billion people use it worldwide. Notably, the COVID-19 pandemic has catalysed the importance of social media advertising to reach customers. As a result, by displaying social media content on your point of sale digital signage, you attract customers, encourage sales, and extend your social media campaigns, boosting the reach and awareness of your channels.

Alongside advertising best-selling products, use social media to display reviews set by customers, often with images or videos. Significantly, research has found that 92% of consumers consider online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase. This figure emphasises the benefits of displaying reviews at the point of sale.

By exposing positive testimonies at the point of sale, you can celebrate your customers and build a community. This positivity around your brand will then encourage others to join that community. Whether purchasing a product or following your account, displaying social media from a tweet to an Instagram post on point of sale digital signage has the potential to trigger actions from prospective customers. 

Point of Sale Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

Point of sale digital signage is a fantastic way for your business to increase sales performance, showcase the best products, highlight deals, and broadcast social media channels. Capture attention in a time-pressured and purchase-focused moment to get results and boost your brand.

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