How To Measure Digital Signage Success | 5 Easy Ways

Nov 19, 2020 | Digital Signage

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Learning how to measure digital signage success is the first step in enhancing the effectiveness of your screens.

Once your digital signage has been installed and your content has been deployed. How do you know it’s reaching your audience effectively?

To measure the effectiveness of your screens, you need a clear content strategy that encourages your audience to participate and take an action. This may be an action such as QR codes that link with your website, discount codes that are unique to the screen, or even posting on social media. Here are 5 easy tips and tricks you can implement to start measuring the success of your digital signage today…

Why should I Measure Digital Signage Success?

Measuring the success of your marketing channels is essential. The data that marketers and organisations gather can help optimise campaigns, increase ad relevancy, and convert more prospects. For example, if data for a social media campaign reveals that 85% of converters were females aged 20-26, the marketer knows they should focus their campaign on this demographic. Not only should this theoretically increase conversion rates, but it also allows budgets to be spent more efficiently. In other cases where screens are used in settings such as a zoo’s interactive learning platform, digital signage success may be measured by the amount of usage and pages that are interacted with.

Measuring marketing success extends to digital signage. It is vital to know which content is working for your audience and what isn’t. Data gathered from the following tips and tricks will help you gain an understanding of what your digital signage ROI is and how you can increase its effectiveness.

1. Measuring Digital Signage Success With Unique Web Addresses

A simple way to measure digital signage success is by creating unique web pages that are only accessible through an on-screen offer. This web address can be linked with a dedicated contact form and your google analytics tracking. When a customer submits the form, you can attribute it to the web page and know they’ve seen your on-screen content.

Alternatively, if your digital signage goal was to raise awareness for an event, you can track how many came through to your website through the dedicated page.

There are effective techniques you can use to encourage your audience to engage with these page, such as a QR code that links to the web page. When a user scans the code with their smartphone they will be taken to the webpage and you can start monitoring engagement.

How To Measure Digital Signage Success | 5 Easy Ways TrouDigital

2. Screen Discount Codes and Phrases

A more traditional way to measure the success of your digital screens is to include a unique phrase for customers to quote. For example, a screen in the window of a dentist could display a promotion for teeth whitening with the discount phrase “Bright Screens”.

If the dentist only displayed the “50% off Teeth Whitening” offer without a code, they wouldn’t know how many sales could be attributed to the screen and wouldn’t be able to calculate its ROI. When discount phrases are used, marketing teams can record how often the phrase is quoted and therefore measure the revenue generated from the promotion.

How To Measure Digital Signage Success | 5 Easy Ways TrouDigital

3. Digital Signage Triggers

People often view digital signage as a purely aesthetic form of marketing and digital communication. However, thanks to advances in technology and digital signage hardware integrations, actions accompanied with screens can trigger events. These events could be a press of a button, a pump of hand sanitiser etc.

The latest digital signage software can now be integrated with IoT (Internet of things), buttons, cameras and much more. When a trigger-event happens. content is automatically played on screen or data is captured.

For example, a pub may link a digital menu board to their beer taps. When a pint is pulled, the tap can send data to the management team to let them know which drinks are most popular at various times or days of the week. The pub can then push on-screen promotions for similar drinks to encourage their customers to try new drinks and see what’s on offer.

Alternatively, a hospital may be keen to encourage patients and visitors to maintain proper hand hygiene because of infection control. One great way of doing this is implementing a digital hand sanitiser, which can track how many pumps are taken during the day. This data can then be used to demonstrate if staff and patients are practicing good hygiene.

How To Measure Digital Signage Success | 5 Easy Ways TrouDigital

4. Social Media

Social media is becoming more important for organisations and is becoming an integral part of marketing strategy. This is true for support, customer communications, advertising and more. In fact, social media has even extended its reach to digital signage displays where users can now display live social media feeds and posts. But how can social media help measure the success of your digital signage?

Getting your audience involved through social media is a great way of enhancing the reach of your digital signage. A popular method used by dental practices is featuring live testimonials. The dental practice may have a campaign that encourages patients to share their teeth straightening progress on social media using a hashtag. When the patient posts a picture of their new smile with a unique hashtag, digital signage software can automatically pull the post and display it on the dentist’s screen.

The dentist can measure the success of this digital signage campaign by looking at their social media analytics and calculating how many patients got involved with the hashtag. Customer testimonials are a great way of building trust and encouraging potential customers to make a purchase.

How To Measure Digital Signage Success | 5 Easy Ways TrouDigital

5. Touch Screen Integration

Touch screen or interactive digital signage is one of the easiest ways to collect usage data on your digital signage. With uses such as digital wayfinding, digital product brochures, automatic check-in solutions for hotels, and more, there are so many ways to measure the success of your digital signage.

Using the example of a digital product catalogue, digital signage reporting tools enable users to monitor which pages are visited. A retail marketer may see that a product page for red trainers had 3,400 views this week whereas the page for blue trainers only had 400. With this data, the marketer could deploy adverts on digital signage for blue trainers to increase interest and views, or could show additional promotions for red trainers to continue the upward trend.

To measure the performance using the digital signage catalogue, the marketer can link the ability to make purchases on the unit. From here, the marketer can easily track how many sales were made or how many orders were placed on the digital catalogue.

How To Measure Digital Signage Success | 5 Easy Ways TrouDigital

If you have any questions related to measuring the success of your digital signage displays, speak to an expert today. Call one of our friendly team on 02380 981110 or Email for a no obligation consultation. Alternatively, click the button below.


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