4 Uses Of Digital Signage For Churches and Houses of Worship

Feb 17, 2017 | Digital Signage, Leisure

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

When it comes to engaging a community, effective communication has never been more important for churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and other places of worship.

In many parts of the world today, places of worship are experiencing a decline in membership and, in particular, a lack of attendance from younger generations.

To overcome this trend, churches and other religious institutions are recognising the need to embrace technology and rethink the way their message is delivered. Introducing digital signage.
Today, over 80% of churches have a website, and projectors are used in as many as 75% of sermons. The latest development has been the introduction of digital signage for churches and houses of worship. Digital church signs are being used to:

Broadcast and support sermons

In recent times, religious leaders delivering sermons have starting thinking outside the box. Traditional services where a clergyman would once merely orate to his congregation have started introducing other elements of media. Digital signage for churches is a perfect vehicle for this evolution. Digital church displays are a superior platform to projectors when it comes to displaying video and images. Signs for churches might be used to relay content like YouTube videos. Equally, digital church signs are invaluable when it comes to accommodating for hearing-impaired attendees.

Another complementary function of digital signage for churches is offering information about parish leaders or guest speakers. Short biographies of an individual’s background can help familiarise a congregation with their leaders and foster a greater sense of community.

Event schedules

Houses of worship offer a diverse array of events and activities. Increasing publicity and hence their attendance is a priority for all church organisers. Digital church signs are a great way of promoting events and activities. Signs for churches can be used to display schedules and bring attention to lesser-known happenings. One-off events such as wedding ceremonies would also benefit from the technology. Screen content that is personalised to the marrying couple offers a special touch, with the possibility to usefully display information like the order of service.

Inspirational messages on signs for churches

The popularity of religious signage depicting inspirational messages – whatever the language – goes back centuries. American church venues in particular are iconic for their billboard-style welcome signs. In the 21st century, inspirational content is most often shared through the internet. There are a number of reasons that places of worship might want to go digital with their core messaging too. Rather than having the same axiom or principle displayed on a static traditional sign, digital signs allow churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues to effortlessly rotate their messaging. It also opens the possibility of conveying scripture through non-textual mediums like video.

Community engagement

Finally, digital signage for churches and other houses of worship can have a pivotal role in community engagement. The ability to personalise messaging such as welcoming new members to the congregation has a positive effect on the community. Events like baptism and christening can be celebrated in a communal way with a scrolling ticker on screen. A particularly important type of announcement would be acknowledging and thanking donors to the church. This kind of recognition generates goodwill and strengthens the religious community.

4 Uses Of Digital Signage For Churches and Houses of Worship TrouDigital

Digital signage for churches and other houses of worship will play an increasingly important role in modernising their communication and engaging a younger generation of congregants.

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