Digital Signage for Weddings – Big Screens for a Big Day

May 13, 2019 | Hospitality

Reuben Staples-Burton

Reuben Staples-Burton

Digital signage for weddings assists in injecting a flavour of the unique personality of the happy couple into their celebration. Whether you run a hotel, a church or any popular wedding venue, the software gives the ability for bespoke displays to achieve, not only the smooth running of operations, but also the feeling of value to guests.

The Service

Digital signage is the perfect accompaniment to any service. Instead of feeling as though you are just churned through a registry office, the service should be indicative of the care and attention that will be present within the marriage.

A digital screen welcoming guests upon entry to the venue with the names of the Bride and Groom clearly displayed expresses commitment to providing a special day. Remaining in-keeping with any colour scheme or theme, an eye-catching digital display could show basic details of the service, notices, as well as heartfelt messages. This allows guests to emotionally invest in the ceremony and feel a part of the journey the Bride and Groom are undergoing.

Digital Signage for Weddings - Big Screens for a Big Day TrouDigital

The Reception (Structure)

Amongst the festivities, it is important for guests to orientate themselves and for the occasion to maintain some semblance of order. With 17% of weddings now having over 100 guests this can prove difficult; however digital signage for weddings can help provide order. Digital screens notify guests of proceedings, for example, when the speeches will be, when the cake will be cut and when food will be served. Thus ensuring no one feels as though they have missed anything important.

In addition to this, if the reception is taking place at a difficult to navigate venue, digital signage can act as a wayfinding tool. Alerting people to the location of things of importance such as the bar, toilets or exits means that they are sure to utilise the appropriate facilities and maximise their own personal enjoyment of the venue.

Finally, if serving many options with regards to food, digital screens can be used to display a menu. Taking the order of possibly hundreds of people is even more challenging if each one is still considering their options when the waiter comes round to them. Digital screens mean that all guests should have ample time to assess their options and make a choice, whilst also saving money and the planet by not using paper menus. Similarly, drinks prices can be clearly displayed at a screen near the bar.

Digital Signage for Weddings - Big Screens for a Big Day TrouDigital

The Reception (Fulfilment)

Another feature of the software is the ease of which you can use the various widgets, such as the social media modules. Social media allows guests to send loving messages to the happy couple which would then appear on screens. Using the simple ‘drag and drop’ software, it is easy to feature Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts that would be displayed live, either pulling in pictures or posts. Allowing guests to have their messages appear on screens is an interactive way of including them in the wedding, and a sure-fire way to keep them engaged and high-spirited.

Furthermore, a slideshow of images of the couple would provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Going further, using the scheduling feature of the software you could ensure that certain pictures are displaying at certain times. For example, pictures of the Bride and Groom at parties would be shown later in the evening, once everyone is up and dancing.

Digital Signage for Weddings - Big Screens for a Big Day TrouDigital

In summary, at an affordable price, the celebration can be made instantly more accessible, personal and memorable through the use of digital signage for weddings. It can be a great selling point for wedding venues looking to go above and beyond for their clients and guests.

The increasing popularity of digital signage for weddings is understandable given its versatility. If you think it’s time that your venue invested, get in touch today!

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