A CEO's Best Friend – Digital Signage Corporate Benefits

Aug 10, 2017 | Corporate, Digital Signage

Corporate communication is intrinsic to a business’s success – whether they are a start-up or well-established corporation.
When correctly used, digital signage corporate platforms serve as a way in which to make a business’s communications better and their operations more efficient.
Here are the five best uses of corporate digital signage to make a CEO’s life that little bit easier:

Improving internal communication

As a business grows and generates more revenue, CEOs can begin to hire more employees and build a bigger workforce. The result of this, growing departments that often become less centralised and more specified i.e. separate sales and marketing departments. This is key as there is an inherent difference that lies within department’s time frames, with sales often operating more within the present, looking at the products and services currently provided, and marketing often operating more within the future, looking at emerging market trends and dictating the direction of a company.
Because of this growth, inter-departmental and inter-business communication can become strained. An employee facing digital signage screen that displays a new marketing campaign to a sales team, or the latest sales targets to a marketing team, can help keep all employees in the loop and business communication strong.

Increasing exposure for company events

Generic methods to increase exposure for events, such as emails and flyers, often go unopened and ignored. To gain exposure for events, there needs to be a captivating platform that grabs the attention of colleagues and non-colleagues. Using a digital signage corporate platform to convey new events, such as a training day or a fundraising event, can be the platform colleagues need to be in the know.
A CEO's Best Friend - Digital Signage Corporate Benefits TrouDigital

Motivating staff

For CEOs, keeping staff motivated and engaged throughout a working day can prove to be challenging. Running an up-to-date digital signage corporate screen has practical functionality. Displaying motivational quotes and pictures to your employees can keep morale high, even at the start or end of the working day. Displaying the smaller things as well, such as staff birthdays or non-work related achievements, can be the kind of gesture that keeps employees sticking around for longer and working harder for you.

24/7 Receptionist

Too often when visiting a business, we are left standing in a queue of people whilst a receptionist deals with answering phone calls, checking in and guiding visitors, and administrative work. This can result in lost business and unhappy visitors. Using a digital signage corporate kiosk with touch screen capability can enthusiastically check in any visitors that come into your business, and guide them to where they need to go. This means that receptionists can get back to focusing on the small things that allow a business to run smoothly.

Generating revenue

Digital signage serves as a unique platform in which to display content to customers and employees, furthermore, it also serves as an attractive prospect for partners and non-partners alike to buy sponsorship space. Whether it is a local gym, nightclub, or sports club, the prospect of advertising on an eye-catching corporate digital signage screen can be enticing. The result of this: more revenue generated to invest into your business. Thank you digital advertising screens.

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