Cruise Ship Innovation: Communication

Jul 31, 2019 | Transport, Wayfinding

Thomas Taraniuk

Thomas Taraniuk

Are Cruise-Ships Catching the Drift with the Digital Signage Wave?

Cruises have captured the hearts of holiday-goers for almost 120 years. Continued cruise ship innovation has made cruises the go-to choice for those wishing to see several destinations in a short time period.

With the increase in the size of many liners, passenger and staff navigation has become a hot topic when discussing satisfaction on-board. Taking steps to ensure that passengers can safely navigate the ship can increase passenger satisfaction and remains at the forefront of cruise ship innovation.

Cruise Ship Innovation: Communication TrouDigital
A Passenger Making use of a Digital Way-Finding System

Different forms of signage have been used throughout the 20th century on cruise ships. One of the more recent developments is digital signage. Digital signage is now being used as a tool for internal navigation and for advertising. That being said, many ships are still using traditional back-lit maps to help passengers navigate the ships.

The capacity of cruise ships has more than doubled in the last 100 years. The Royal Caribbean Cruises ‘Symphony of the Seas‘ has become the largest passenger ship, with a capacity of 5,518 passengers. Way-finding and safety information needs to be placed strategically to run a ship of this size. With this in mind, Royal Caribbean installed digital signage to help them operate their record-breaking ship.

Cruise Ship Innovation: Communication TrouDigital
A Tennis Court / Basketball Court and Mini-Golf area shown on top of Royal Caribbean Cruises ‘Symphony of the Seas’

Navigating around the ship

Once on-board, the first thing passengers need to do is find their rooms. After this, children are often eager to find an activity hub whilst parents may want to find the closest bar! Navigation of the floors helps passenger get from location to location. Whether it be back lit maps or digital screens, Way-Finding signage remains central to operating a successful cruise ship.

Although the first day is an exciting time, there is critical safety information that needs to be conveyed. The initial safety briefing is where passengers locate their nearest muster station and learn what to do in the event of an emergency.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a cruise and safety information is often forgotten. Print-out maps and Way-Finding screens can help remind passengers what to do in an emergency. The multi-language functionality of digital signage ensures that vital information is understood by everyone on-board, whatever language they speak.

Cruise Ship Innovation: Communication TrouDigital


Promoting On-Board

Aside from navigation, generating revenue remains a top priority for cruise companies. Cruise-liners have developed larger ships in an effort to include more activities and products on board.

The emphasis on increasing profits has prompted an increase in the number of digital advertising displays. With so many activities and shops available, passengers can easily miss the latest offers on-board. Posters and digital advertising screens ensure passengers are aware of new promotions, thereby generating revenue for cruise companies.

Cruise Ship Innovation: Communication TrouDigital

Passenger Safety

Whilst ship innovation has taken many forms, safety remains the priority on-board. Emergencies can develop quickly and without warning. Consequently, effective communication and live updates are vital in protecting passengers and staff. Safety information posters have their place, but only digital signage can show live content to passengers. With this in mind, safety information screens need to work in harmony with digital signage to make passengers as safe as possible.

Real-time messages from the control centre can be pulled straight onto digital screens and shown live. This helps to reassure passengers that they are safe, whilst conveying essential information to the crew members on-board.

Digital Signage and Cruise Ship Innovation

With the capacity of cruise ships continuing to surge, there is no doubt that effective communication is needed to ensure safety on-board. Digital signage can increase passenger safety and help to generate revenue through promotional content.

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