How To Optimise Your Stadium Digital Signage

Stadiums are special places. Whether you are going to a concert, show, game, or gig, these are joyous occasions at which you get to see your favorite performers.

Yet stadiums are always competing with the sofa. Fans often ask themselves – why should I go to a game when I can watch it within my home comforts on my sofa? The development of home cinemas and television sports packages have certainly encouraged fans to stay at home and save money. To increase fan engagement, stadiums are looking for alternative methods to keep fans coming through their ticket gates.

Stadium digital signage is helping to peel fans from the sofa but the technology remains under-utilised. Here are some great suggestions for stadium digital signage:

Modernize your menu boards

Few things are less enticing when it comes to food than an unappetising menu board. Don’t put punters off half-time snacks with low quality images or a limited menu. 

Digital menu boards are becoming the industry standard, but technology has seriously advanced in recent years. Signage screens are way more dynamic and innovative now than before, with the options to embed video, live streams and have real-time updates. There is no better time than now to invest in futuristic menu boards to showcase your food and boost concession sales.

stadium digital signage

Live data feeds

Realistically, there are only certain intervals at stadium events when people will buy food and drink. When fans are leaving, for example, they are unlikely to be buying snacks or meals. To retain these attendees and generate extra business, stadiums would do well to target this evasive audience with triggered, tailored content. Displaying useful live data feeds to vacating spectators, such as weather and traffic reports, is a great tactic. Delivering this information near concession stands might encourage them to stay, grab some food and let the traffic go. Even if they leave, small gestures like this will encourage fans to keep coming back to your stadium.

Optimise your social media

Social media is imperative within your marketing strategy, whether you are B2B or B2C. The exposure it can provide for you is second-to-none. Stadiums, teams, and artists all have very active social media accounts. Why not use your digital signage screens to display social media? Artists like Selena Gomez, who has 124 million Instagram followers, or teams like Real Madrid, who have 25 million Twitter followers, are perfect to display on your screens. The content they are putting out can help generate hype around your events. It’s a good idea to showcase your own social media accounts too to help generate a following you can sell future events to online. 

Generating revenue

Stadiums are THE perfect location in which to deploy digital advertising screens. Not only do they receive millions of footfall annually, they also, when ideally positioned, receive a high dwell time. Because of this, it is a rather attractive prospect to sell sponsorship space. You could think local – a local taxi firm that can take fans home, a hotel nearby for away fans, or even a restaurant for some post-match food. Or larger stadiums can go big and attract the same kind of sponsors that pay money to be on shirts – clothes lines, alcohol brands, banks etc. 

Stadium digital signage is a versatile player that can fill a number of roles and really enhance the performance of a venue.

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