Vape Shop Advertising – New Legislation and a Cloud-based Solution

Apr 7, 2017 | Retail

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Due to new governmental legislation, vape shops across the UK are leaning towards the use of alternate vape shop advertising techniques and methods, such as digital signage.

As of May 2017, the Tobacco Products Directive comes into full force. This new legislation dictates an array of things for the growing industry of vape shops – no radio advertising, no email marketing, no text messages, no ads in newspapers or magazines.

To ensure products are advertised and viewed by a target audience, more vape shops are turning towards innovative methods to market their products in line with legislation changes. Digital signage has become one of the more impactful methods.

Vape Shop Advertising - New Legislation and a Cloud-based Solution TrouDigital

There are a number of reasons for investing in digital signage:

Nature of vape shops

In the 21st century, it is easy to go onto Google and search for any consumer products that you need. The direct result of this is smaller shops shutting down, and revenue transferring over to large online retailers.
This is what makes vape shops so unique. Due to customers wanting face-to-face interaction, often involving trying out flavours and seeking the advice of experienced vape users, vape shops have thrived in an age when businesses are venturing online.
This has resulted in many vape shops turning to more dynamic ways to separate their business from the competition and be the king of vape shop advertising. Notably, digital signage provides a visual aid that can entice a wider clientele.

Catching the senses of passersby

If a new flavour, or new vaporiser, isn’t enough to entice new customers to enter your vape shop, then a digital display showing this can help by engaging customers from outside. Prospective customers, and current smokers who are wishing to begin vaping, can be allured by a digital display that shows them key information and prices of a given shop’s products.
Perhaps the new flavour is strawberry cream, and the shop owners are wishing to market this new flavour, then catch the senses of passers-by through releasing small vapes of the new flavour. A new study has shown that we think with our noses more than we realise, meaning that catching the eyes – as well as noses – of potential customers can be vital in growing your client base.

Linking up popular social feeds

Vape Shop Advertising - New Legislation and a Cloud-based Solution TrouDigital Part of the popularity surrounding vaping is the community that grows around it. Social meetups, blog pages, websites dedicated to vaping, and social feeds (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) epitomise the growing fascination around vaping.

Displaying social feeds from popular outlets such as Vape Nation and Vaping Watch can inform customers and colleagues of news in the vaping world, as well as displaying meetups and any other news in a ticker can prove invaluable in keeping customers in the loop of everything vape-related.

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