Shopping Mall Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses

Oct 20, 2021 | Retail

Paul Jellicoe

Paul Jellicoe

Shopping mall digital signage has changed the landscape of malls forever. From an improved customer experience to enhancing marketing campaigns for the mall’s shops, digital signage is doing it all.

Despite the popularity of online shopping, shopping malls continue to be a thriving industry where customers flock to browse the latest fashion, technology, and eateries available.

For some, a visit to the shopping mall is a necessity. For others, it is a social event that could lead to visiting several businesses throughout the day.

Regardless of the reason a person visits a shopping mall, digital signage allows for bespoke advertising methods that can be used in different ways to benefit customers and businesses. In addition to advertising, screens can also be used to enhance customer experience. For example, screens can be used for enhancing wayfinding, finding out more information, or improving in-store experiences.

In this blog, we take you through 5 uses of shopping mall digital signage.

1. Offer Real Time Information Regarding Sales with Shopping Mall Digital Signage

Shopping malls are notorious for their sales. Whether is Black Friday, or Christmas, sale periods and events are critical for increasing customer excitement and foot traffic. In 2016, foot traffic jumped up 65% on Black Friday versus a typical weekend in November. But how can shopping malls make the most of their sales events?

In the past, conventional signage options could mean customers flock to a mall for sale, only to find the sale has already ended. This can mean traction is lost regarding foot traffic, despite the business doing everything it can to relay relevant information in a timely manner.

Fortunately, mall digital signage can ensure that customers are fully aware of the sales taking place in the mall, and what bargains they can expect to find. What’s more, the real-time status of the information ensures there is never any false hope given to potential customers. Through digital signage software, shopping malls can update their screens in a matter of seconds.

If a popular item suddenly went out of stock, no problem. Simply update the signage to ensure that customer disappointment is a thing of the past.

Shopping Mall Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

2. Restaurants and Eateries Can Advertise and Streamline Their Ordering

Customer awareness is vital for any restaurant in a shopping mall – especially if they’re new on the block. High awareness and excitement of a restaurant increase the likelihood of shoppers stopping in for a bite to eat – translating to more covers turned and sales made. If customers are unaware or uninspired by your restaurant, they may choose to eat elsewhere!

Although eateries and restaurants will have signage within the location, mall digital signage can ensure customers are aware of the options before stepping into the vicinity.

Maybe there is a brand-new dish that customers need to try? Or maybe you have a special offer that is limited? Regardless of what you are promoting, mall digital signage can ensure you capture the right audience in every instance. Furthermore, dynamic and animated content can be used to stop customers in their tracks and capture attention.

Kiosks can also be used to help streamline the ordering process. This form of mall digital signage ensures businesses can still service customers, even during busy periods.

Shopping Mall Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

3. Reinforce Health and Safety in an Immersive Way through Shopping Mall Digital Signage

When visiting a shopping mall, it is vital for visitors to feel relaxed. However, rules need to be implemented to ensure that shoppers are safe in every instance. COVID-19 has already heavily impacted the retail industry with sales dropping 5.7% therefore, it’s important for shopping malls to do their part and prevent the spread of germs and diseases to ensure the safety of customers and avoid any more potential lockdowns. 

The use of mall digital signage can be used in many ways regarding health and safety. Some may remind visitors not to roller skate or ride bicycles within the mall. In other instances, digital signage could highlight areas to visit if shoppers require medical attention. In addition to this, the latest health and safety messages and content can be added minutes after they are published. This helps ensure customers are receiving the latest and most relevant information.

It is popular to display short, easy to read animations that remind customers to wear masks, social distance, and store limits. The advantage screens have over traditional posters is quick delivery and dynamic content. The dynamic content helps capture customer attention and make sure important safety information is read and acted upon.

Shopping Mall Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

4. Supply Shoppers With Clear Directions

Although some shopping malls can be navigated with ease, there can be others that shoppers find overwhelming, especially when visiting for the first time. This is especially the case in large shopping malls with multiple floors or those located in high tourist areas. When customers can’t find their way, they can get frustrated and leave. This can cause a noticeable loss of potential sales.

Mall digital signage can be an efficient way to direct customers to their chosen locations, and malls can even implement touch functionality to make the process easier. This allows for a more immersive experience that helps the customer feel valued. Customers can simply approach a digital kiosk, type in their location and be served with a specific route.

Simple processes like these can help the customer feel more relaxed, meaning they are likely to stay longer in the mall, which often leads to more purchases.

Shopping Mall Digital Signage | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

5. News and Entertainment Provide a Brand New Experience for Shoppers on Shopping Mall Digital Signage

We’ve all been there. Shopping with a friend or significant other and we’ve been handed the dreaded “wait here for 2 minutes while I have a browse”. We take a seat in the shopping mall, get out our phone instinctively and whoops no signal. You end up sitting there for ages bored out of your mind.

With digital signage software, shopping malls are able to play live news broadcasts or youtube videos amongst over content. This allows products and services to still be promoted whilst screens are being used for informational and entertainment purposes. This can also help alleviate some of the boredom experienced by long wait times. Adding entertainment into your digital signage content catalogue can greatly improve the customer experience in your mall. It can increase dwell times, in turn leading to more sales.

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