5 Uses of Digital Signage in Garden Centre Marketing – Growing Your Business

Apr 11, 2017 | Retail

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

With businesses venturing online, garden centres are searching for different ways in which to promote products and services.

Garden centres are a unique phenomena – able to entice customers for hours, providing a variety of different activities and services from buying pet food to getting a coffee in the cafe.

Digital signage within garden centres represents a technological advancement within an industry that is commonly conservative. Here are 4 uses of digital signage as an innovative garden centre marketing tool:

1. Wayfinding

We’ve all been there, visiting a giant garden centre looking for a single item, perhaps a Japanese peace lily, and spending hours searching the vast grounds until we find it – or give up. Enter digital signage. Whether you wish to simply locate a specific area, the pet shop or compost area for example, or find a specific item, the use of digital signage wayfinding can guide you on your journey through a garden centre.

2. Welcome messaging

Large popular garden centres can experience an inflow and outflow of hundreds, even thousands, of customers every day. This can prove difficult with long ques forming, and items running out of stock quickly. Digital signage can provide stability to what can be something of a disorderly process at times. Communicating important information such as opening hours, health and safety announcements, and new lines of products when customers enter can save staff important time on those busy days.

3. Displaying the latest gardening news

5 Uses of Digital Signage in Garden Centre Marketing - Growing Your Business TrouDigitalWhether there is a current event, such as the Bath and West show, or just a stream of gardening stories, displaying information surrounding gardening can entice and inform customers. With news feeds from popular gardening social outlets such as @gardenknowhow updating every hour, streaming the latest news can prove to be invaluable in keeping customers up to date with everything gardening-related.

4. Separating your garden centre from the competition

With an estimated 2,300 garden centres in the United Kingdom, competition to gain the biggest clientele is a large part of garden centre marketing. Bringing in digital signage offers a significant means to separate yourself from the array of competition throughout the country, catching the eye of potential and current customers showing how dynamic your business is.

5. Outdoor screens

With the prices of outdoor screens dropping, there is no better time for garden centres to place signage outdoors. Whereas posters, and even laminated sheets, are destroyed and damaged by Britain’s unfavourable climate, an outdoor screen stands resilient and can serve to inform and attract customers into buying and looking for different products.
An outdoor screen that displays up-to-date information and product lines can ease a customer’s experience of shopping in a garden centre, making a quick and smooth sale a far more likely outcome.

As technology becomes easier to use, and the price of hardware drops, digital signage can be a great garden centre marketing tool to increase your client base and make your customers’ shopping experience a much more positive one.

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