5 Game-Changing Content Ideas For Retail Digital Signage

Jun 7, 2021 | Retail

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Retail stores throughout high streets and shopping centres are increasingly joining the digital revolution. As a result, digital displays for retail are rapidly growing in popularity to boost sales and improve the customer experience.

Retail digital signage can be located throughout your store, from the window display to checkouts, making your store stand out from competitors. Yet, displaying the right digital content is crucial for maintaining a high ROI and boosting conversion rates, particularly in the post-pandemic world.

In this blog, we highlight 5 game-changing content ideas to supercharge your retail store. From displaying video content of hot products on digital signage for retail to interactive in-store product catalogues, transform your store with these cutting-edge ideas.

1.    Video Content of Hot Products and Brands

When products are scattered throughout a store and hung on rails amongst a sea of other goods, it is often hard for customers to find the best products. Fashion and product trends change like the weather, and customers want to know what is hot right now. Digital signage for retail provides a solution to this.

Unlike static posters fading into the wall, the multimedia capabilities of retail digital signage make screens an unparalleled communication method. According to science, the human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. As a result, by displaying video content of products on or in use on your retail digital signage, you will increase the chances of customers understanding your products and making a purchase.

Locate these digital advertising displays around your store, especially near highlighted products. These high-brightness, attractive screens can capture the attention of customers and draw them to the right area. Significantly, research has shown that viewers are 64-84% more likely to buy a product after watching a video, and 78% of video marketers claim video has directly helped increase sales. These facts reveal the benefits of employing attention-grabbing video content for hot products on your digital displays for retail.

Advertising products on digital retail window displays and in-store screens places your best products in front of potential customers. This placement exposes your store as on top of trends, helping your store stand out from competitors. Research has confirmed that 85% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2021, satisfy these customers whilst improving your sales with video content.

5 Game-Changing Content Ideas For Retail Digital Signage TrouDigital

2.    Interactive Product Catalogues on Digital Kiosks For Retail

Retail stores have a wide variety of products. Sometimes, potential customers have no idea where to start. Solve this customer cluelessness with an interactive product catalogue.

Using a game-changing touchscreen digital kiosk, customers can digitally browse all of your products at their own pace and take control of their shopping experience. A digital kiosk product catalogue provides all product information, along with filter options, such as cost and colour. These features allow customers to make well-informed purchase decisions without leaving the store.

Additionally, interactive product catalogues can integrate e-commerce. This feature allows customers to checkout directly on the kiosk after finding their desired product. An employee would then be alerted to bring the product to the customer, if necessary. If the product is out of stock, this e-commerce feature ensures sales are not lost and can set the product up for delivery or click and collect.

This form of retail digital signage will save staff time typically spent explaining products to customers, increasing store efficiency and staff productivity. It also attracts customers who are looking for an exciting and streamlined store experience.

5 Game-Changing Content Ideas For Retail Digital Signage TrouDigital

3.    In-Store Only Discounts On Digital Displays For Retail

People love discounts, and discounts can be the final trigger before a customer makes a purchase. In fact, research has shown that 77% of shoppers claim discounts can influence where they shop, and almost half (48%) admit a discount has sped up a purchasing decision. Often, people browse a store and leave without a purchase, deciding they will think about it or purchase it online. Change this by displaying in-store only discounts on bright and eye-catching digital signage for retail.

With digital signage, upcoming promotional content can be pre-planned and scheduled using digital signage software to display on-screen promptly when necessary. This preparation is valuable for end-of-season sales or events, including Black Friday, and ensures content never goes out of date.

Additionally, unlike static posters, digital signage software allows content to be modified and updated on-screen immediately. This flexibility provides the opportunity for retail stores to advertise in-store only real-time promotions, such as end-of-the-day discounts. These real-time promotions create a sense of urgency, driving in-store sales up due to the psychological fear-of-missing-out (FOMO).

Ultimately, research has found that one in five customers make impulse purchases after seeing digital signage advertising. Increase this figure with scheduled and real-time in-store ONLY promotions. This feature on your digital displays for retail will encourage browsers to make a purchase and increase your store’s chances of recommendation.

5 Game-Changing Content Ideas For Retail Digital Signage TrouDigital

4.    Social Media On Digital Displays For Retail

With 4.14 billion people using social media worldwide, social platforms are a valuable way to interest consumers and influence purchase decisions. The pandemic has catalysed the importance of social media in advertising; it has propelled society into a digital revolution. The popularity of social media content is, consequently, a game-changer in retail digital signage content. By displaying social media content on-screen, retail stores can extend the reach of their social media marketing campaigns.

A significant benefit of displaying social media is free content. Many customers will provide free and easy to access reviews and testimonials, occasionally with images or videos. Research has found that 72% of customers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business, and 92% of consumers consider online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase. As a result, displaying positive testimonials in-store on digital displays for retail can boost brand trust and sales.

Retail stores could display live feeds of a social media account, list, or hashtag search, revealing real-time social media activity and product pictures. This content helps customers understand what is on-trend, increases awareness of the store’s social media, and extends reach on social media campaigns.

5 Game-Changing Content Ideas For Retail Digital Signage TrouDigital

5.    Point Of Sale Advertising On Digital Signage

Estimates suggest that up to 62% of in-store purchases can be considered impulsive purchases. This figure emphasises the importance of point of sale advertising, which digital displays for retail can optimise.

With consumers often being influenced spontaneously, this advertising content captures attention and boosts sales right to the end of the customer journey. By displaying product adverts on digital signage near the checkouts, you will capture the attention of those waiting in the queue and those who do not have long to make a decision.

Unlike traditional posters, the bright screens of retail digital signage will not fade into the store background. This eye-catching potential will ensure your point of sale advertisements reach as many customers as possible. Moreover, this content can include multimedia, such as a rotating image playlist, to further turn heads. Digital signage for retail can increase sales by 29.5%, reach this figure with point of sale advertising.

Promoting point of sale products can often be monotonous and time-consuming for staff members. Increase the efficiency of this process by using digital signage for retail that sells the products for you.

5 Game-Changing Content Ideas For Retail Digital Signage TrouDigital

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