Digital Signage in Retail – 5 Simple Innovations

Aug 2, 2017 | Retail

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Within the retail industry, businesses working in clothing, groceries and film have all adapted to provide online-based services.

Despite this, online brands still often operate on the high street, although with varied success.

Competition amongst retail companies is high, with every outlet seeking the most innovative ways in which to operate and promote their products to gain customers. Because of this, many shops opt to use digital signage in retail, opposed to old school in-house marketing techniques such as posters.

Here are 5 innovative uses for digital signage in retail:

Product information kiosks

Digital kiosks are particularly useful in conveying a wide range of product information. Being able to view the macro-nutrients of food in a supermarket, or viewing the number of shoes left in stock at a retailer, will encourage the customer to make a purchase within your store. Smart digital signage kiosks allow you to sync your system with your stock records. This means customers can obtain the quantity, size, key info, and availability of the products that they are interested in.

Wayfinding kiosks

Customers often enter a shop searching for one particular item, and the failure to locate this item can result in a missed sale and potentially the deterrence of future business from that customer. Using wayfinding kiosks allows you to electronically map out the route that customers, or staff members, need to take to get to the department they are searching for. This makes it easier for a store to operate at its most efficient capacity.

Personalising shopper experience

We’ve all been there, you walk into a shop and are met by less than enthusiastic staff or uninspiring stands. This can really detract from a brand as customer service and first impressions matter. 
The best way to keep current and potential customers from feeling underwhelmed is to personalise one’s retail experience. Digital signage offers a platform to do this. Through welcomes boards, interactive menu boards, infotainment kiosks, video walls, and feeding live TV channels, you can keep your customers engaged and their business feeling valued.
Digital Signage in Retail - 5 Simple Innovations TrouDigital

Promoting partners

When strategically positioned, digital signage can be a captivating platform that can catch the attention of a large amount of footfall that passes by. Because of this, it can be an attractive proposition for partners and external companies to advertise their products and services. This can encourage business in-house, whilst also presenting the opportunity to generate revenue through selling sponsorship space – often covering the costs of installation and maintenance.

Key customer analytics

Digital signage in retail has long surpassed old-school marketing collateral such as posters. All these innovative changes are being headlined by smarter digital signage kiosks and screens that can ascertain the age and gender of your clientele, doing so through smart eye-scanning and facial-recognition technology. This allows for you to trigger the most appropriate content to the audience that enters your store.

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