5 Uses Of Digital Signage For Funeral Homes And Directors

May 11, 2018 | Retail

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

The funeral services industry is going through a period of modernisation.

Almost all funeral directors nowadays rely on the internet to market their businesses and many are now turning to digital screens inside their premises to digitise even further.

Digital signage for funeral homes bridges the gap between online and offline communication, enhancing the reputation of funeral businesses.

1. Introduce Your Team & Values

It goes without saying that being personal and approachable is more important in the funeral services industry than perhaps any other. Researching and arranging a funeral is an incredibly difficult process for anyone. When you lose a loved one, you experience a whirlwind of emotions. Putting your grief on hold to address the funeral’s organisation can be extremely strenuous, especially daunting if you have never arranged a funeral before.
5 Uses Of Digital Signage For Funeral Homes And Directors TrouDigitalFinding the right funeral home is therefore incredibly important. The family of the deceased have to feel comfortable with their decision and trust the expertise you bring to the table. It is the duty of a funeral home to alleviate as much stress as possible from arrangements, holding the hand of those grieving and enabling the greatest possible celebration of the individual.
Digital signage at a funeral office provides a brilliant platform to serve this end. A screen welcoming visiting family and friends might be used to introduce the funeral director’s team and share information about their experience and background. Getting to know the individuals that will be supporting you makes the whole process a lot easier. Digital displays could equally be used to convey the business’s core values and beliefs. These are incredibly important when it comes to matching the requirements of a family and the late loved one.

2. Funeral Services & Partners

Different funeral businesses offer a variety of services. Considering this, it is important that funeral directors make their offering well known. A digital screen in a welcome area can signpost this information, advertising services from coffin choice and floral tributes to masonry. Given its strength as a visual medium, sharing images of products can be a great way to showcase the different options available.
When external partners are used and it is appropriate to do so, advertising fees might be charged to share your screen space and time with suppliers. Making the most of localised advertising networks can be a great way to mutually generate business and additional income.
If your funeral home has a core product or service, digital signage can be used to promote this and convey the key information such as pricing. Many homes, for example, offer prepaid plans which differ from other offerings and are worth promoting to passing footfall, if in a window, or visitors. A screen can become a talking point and reference tool.

3. Information & Guidance

When arranging a funeral, especially for the first time, there are countless things to consider and make a decision on, many of which you wouldn’t initially think about. A funeral director is there to steer the ship and walk a family through the various processes.
When entering a funeral home for the first time, or going for a consultation, it can be difficult to even know where to begin or which questions to ask. A digital screen can provide guidance on this, sharing information about the exact procedures and the order that arrangements are typically made.
Beyond simply selling funeral services, digital signage should be used as a platform and opportunity to educate those that need help and support. Making a family aware of the different options available to them and providing support as far as necessary. Small touches like displaying a helpline number can be greatly appreciated by those going through a difficult time.

4. Tributes & Announcements

When someone passes away, one of the ways we celebrate an individual is through tributes, whether paid in private or public. Often eulogies are published in local papers to inform the community and share a story about the person’s life. When funerals are made open to the public, advertising the date and arrangements is important for inviting and encouraging attendance.
Digital signage in a funeral home enhances the ability to distribute tributes and make announcements. With the family’s permission, a profile of the late individual might be added to the screen with, when appropriate, information about the funeral service. This gives other families visiting the directors (and perhaps passing footfall) the ability to pay their respects and attend. If you are organising a ceremony for your loved one, the opportunity to go along to someone else’s and check out the venue beforehand could also be beneficial.

5. Testimonials & Social Media

Like any business, funeral directors rely on testimonials and word-of-mouth to attract new custom. In such a sensitive industry, testimonials need to be managed carefully and displayed with taste. Digital signage for funeral homes enables the interspersion of reviews and feedback from previous ceremonies and services. When walking into a funeral home for the first time and sitting down for a consultation meeting, nothing will put a family at ease more than the testimonials of those who have previously been in their position.
5 Uses Of Digital Signage For Funeral Homes And Directors TrouDigitalMore and more directors nowadays are embracing the online world and maintaining a presence on social media too. As a technology, digital signage solutions can integrate with social media to display images from Facebook or Instagram and tweets from Twitter on screen. This can be used to keep visitors up to date with the latest services and events as well as curate and relay positive messages about them shared by customers online.
A digital screen up at your premise can be a great way to increase a social media following and extend the reach of content shared on those platforms.

Digital signage for funeral homes is the ideal platform for communicating the above and more. Whether you run a single funeral home or a chain with multiple branches, manage all your content from one central dashboard to get your message across with ease.
If you are interested in a web demonstration of our solution, you can book one here.

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