Car Dealer Marketing – The Drive Towards Digital Signage

Apr 21, 2017 | Retail

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Buying a car can be daunting. You can reduce this anxiety by investing in digital signage to help smooth the buying experience.

Here are four reasons to invest as part of your car dealer marketing strategy:

Touch screen capability

Bring your car dealership further into the technological era by allowing potential customers to search for the specification and prices they are looking for. Whether they are a student with a low budget, or someone searching for something more lavish, being able to quickly search the dealership from a digital touch screen can save time and effort for both the customer and your sales people.
Car Dealer Marketing - The Drive Towards Digital Signage TrouDigital

Customer analytics

Being able to analyse your prospects, and the type of vehicle they are looking for, will allow you to both understand your current clientele as well as to predict trends for car dealer marketing.
Using facial recognition or sensors linked to screens, digital signage for car dealerships can be used to trigger content based on a certain demographic. This can serve as an invaluable marketing tool in displaying the correct content for a specific type of prospect, as well as potentially showcasing stock of used cars that have algorithmically been identified for a potential viewer.

Wayfinding capability

Some car dealerships are extensive covering large areas. Trying to navigate through this to find a particular vehicle can prove difficult even for the most eagle-eyed car customers.
Being able to easily locate where desired demo cars are parked can save customers time and effort looking, as well as potentially leading to customers being more likely to purchase their desired car on the first visit.

Display the latest promotions and media

Car Dealer Marketing - The Drive Towards Digital Signage TrouDigital
Car adverts are embedded so much in our everyday lives that most people change the TV channel whenever an ad comes on. Having a digital screen within a dealership can help relay this information, without the worry of having someone pick up their phones to check out social media instead of watching an advert. Whether it is a new deal, or a new promotional video, displaying this onto a digital signage screen can catch the eye of customers who pass by, enticing them in to learn more.


As more and more marketing activities become intrinsically digital, it becomes easier to both track and monitor sales based activities on the smart digital technology now available. Using digital signage for car dealer marketing enables you to track prospects from an initial visit through to purchase, creating a marketing loop that rewards show room principles with real ROI.

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