Food Production Technology | 5 Ways Screens Are Changing The Game

Jul 9, 2021 | manufacturing

Helena Hamina

Helena Hamina

Food manufacturing is a significant sector and comprises many prominent players. As the technology used in food production becomes more advanced and the manufacturing processes – automated, it is important to keep the facilities up to date as well as maintain employee satisfaction high. 

This blog explores 5 ways food manufacturers can integrate digital signage into their operations to optimize their facilities and keep employees happy.

1. Health and Safety Messaging in Food Production Technology

As we’re battling the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential for food manufacturers to remind employees about the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices. This can help avoid factory outbreaks that result in company-wide shutdowns. This issue is especially important in the food manufacturing industry, where staff health and safety are paramount.

Digital screens are perfect for conveying health and safety messages in a clear, concise way. Bright screens make the information easily noticeable, so nothing important gets missed and employees are always well-informed. Additionally, digital screens offer the opportunity to display the messages in a curated playlist, which can be updated with just a few clicks. Therefore, if new information needs to be conveyed, the playlist can be updated almost immediately, and employees won’t miss anything.

Food Production Technology | 5 Ways Screens Are Changing The Game TrouDigital

2. Digital Wayfinding

In an industry like food manufacturing, where many of the processes are automated, it is important that the staff are always in the right place at the right time. However, factories can be difficult to navigate, especially for new employees and visitors. By introducing digital kiosks to their sites, food manufacturers can make wayfinding as seamless as possible. Digital kiosks with an integrated digital wayfinding solution allow users to easily search for any specific location on-site and see the fastest way to get there. This can save a lot of time and energy for employees, as they will no longer have to worry about getting to the right place on time.

In addition, the introduction of digital kiosks would also reduce the need for additional staff, which is costly to employ and requires training to do the job well.

Food Production Technology | 5 Ways Screens Are Changing The Game TrouDigital

3. Performance Tracking

To motivate their staff and inspire them to achieve production goals, food manufacturers should consider integrating live digital dashboards in their communications. Employees could get updates about production metrics, safety statistics, and machinery health, visualized through colourful charts, which make the information easy to understand. The data shown on dashboards can be updated with just a few clicks, which ensures that employees get the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Having access to manufacturing statistics can help factory staff better understand the manufacturing processes and gain motivation to meet production goals.

Food Production Technology | 5 Ways Screens Are Changing The Game TrouDigital

4. Emergency Communications for Food Production Technology

In a crisis situation where every second counts, it is paramount to deliver the correct information to all factory workers as quickly as possible. Digital screens allow the manufacturer to warn employees about potential danger almost instantly. What’s more, the screens ability to display eye-catching content guarantees that people will notice the message and react immediately.

Additionally, the screens can inform employees about the exact nature of the situation, therefore staff can react calmly if there is no serious danger. That way the production process won’t get disrupted and workers will be able to return to their positions as soon as the situation gets handled. 

To save time and avoid accidents, warning messages can be prepared in advance through digital signage scheduling. Content can also be linked with safety systems and triggered in case of an emergency.

In a less intense situation, for example, last-minute visitors coming to the manufacturing site, the message can be prepared within minutes and displayed on screens for everyone to see.

Food Production Technology | 5 Ways Screens Are Changing The Game TrouDigital

5. Live News and Weather Updates

To make employees feel more comfortable and informed about the outside world, manufacturers should consider installing screens showing live news updates in the factory break rooms. This will no doubt increase worker satisfaction, as they will feel less isolated in the factory.

Live information streams allow users to broadcast the latest news, without having to update the screens manually each time there is a new piece of information. This means, after the initial set-up, there will be no need to constantly tend to the screens and the news they display, as all of the information would get pulled in straight from the news channel.

Food Production Technology | 5 Ways Screens Are Changing The Game TrouDigital

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