Why Have Digital Signage In The Supply Chain?

Apr 15, 2019 | manufacturing

Reuben Staples-Burton

Reuben Staples-Burton

Digital signage in the supply chain increases the productivity of those involved in bringing goods to our doorstep. Digital screens in the warehouse, in the canteen, and in its transportation, ultimately make for a more accessible world.

Digital signage in the supply chain builds off technological precedent. Technology has been making the journey of products from producer to consumer easier since the dawn of industry. However, within the last half-century, technological advances have boosted the efficiency of the supply chain. So much so that should a customer want anything it can be at their doorstep the next day. Productivity has increased due to technology allowing companies to gather data on how to improve efficiency, stock check and provide tracking systems so customers can see whether the new mini-fridge they ordered is still just sat in the warehouse. 


Digital signage is a technological advancement that transforms labour management. Communication is key, and there is no point generating company policy if employees are unable to access it or are likely to forget it a month after any training they receive. In a warehouse, workers can be difficult to get hold of as by nature of their job they are seldom at a desk or near a computer. Digital signage reinforces any training as it displays notices to the entire workforce, helping to generate a unified business that is motivated to succeed and informed of how to do so.

Why Have Digital Signage In The Supply Chain? TrouDigital

Health and Safety

The warehouse can prove a hazardous environment, prone to forklift accidents, trips, slips, falls and palette crate collapses. Providing a safe environment for staff starts with letting them know how to carry out their responsibilities safely. Constant reminders not only save lives but also let colleagues know they are cared about. However most interestingly, with stress, depression and anxiety accounting for 15.4 million working days lost in the United Kingdom last year; digital signage is an effective way of letting employees know that they can be listened to. It can alert them to the importance of talking to the HR department about any reasonable adjustments that can be made to accommodate their struggle. 

Performance Data

Alerts can be as simple as letting the entire workforce know how the business is doing. This lets them celebrate the successes as a collective allowing them to become part of it, rather than employed by it. Real-time performance data such as simple graphs and charts that can be comprehended by the layman can transform individuals from working for working’s sake to working towards an achievable goal. Key performance indicators (KPIs) allow a company to see how effectively it is achieving its key business objectives and ought to be communicated throughout the entire business.

Celebrate Individuals

Another way to galvanise a workforce and retain their valuable employment is to celebrate any individual professional anniversaries on screens around the warehouse, congratulating them on the service they have given to the company. Alternatively, a great way to demonstrate that you appreciate their individual value is to celebrate their personal milestones such as birthdays or engagements on digital screens.

Touch Screen

Digital screens can further revolutionise the logistics industry via the use of touch screen technology. Touch screens can ensure that at the push of a button employees can check inventory, any time constraints and the location of specific stock within the warehouse. TrouDigital can integrate with a variety of third-party systems so that you could carry out a range of functions such as using a touch screen to clock in and out at the start and end of the day.


Getting to destinations quickly and easily requires efficient route-mapping. Couriers therefore would greatly benefit from live traffic updates. For obvious reasons, messages like these are irrelevant to certain members of the workforce, warehouse workers needn’t be informed of any route-mapping information, it would only occupy screen time that could be used to show valuable information to them. It therefore is crucial to target the message, in the cafeteria for example you may wish to show nutritional information, menu options and kitchen staff information. You may not, however, wish to show KPIs alongside the specials board, as the cafeteria should serve as a break from work (we’ve written about how digital signage can enhance the dining experience). Digital signage offers the ability to ensure the right messages are getting to the right people. 

Why Have Digital Signage In The Supply Chain? TrouDigital

Ultimately, digital signage in the supply chain acts as a means of visual communication, solving a wide range of industry challenges. The varying needs of the workforce can be met with a software that is easy to use and adaptable depending on circumstance. The ability to connect and better inform a workforce is immeasurable, especially across diverse sites and locations. 

The increasing popularity of digital signage in warehouses is understandable given its versatility. If you think it’s time that your warehouse invested, get in touch today!

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