Strike With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys

Jun 1, 2021 | Leisure

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Digital signage for bowling alleys can help revolutionise your venue. The high brightness and multimedia capabilities of digital signage can capture attention and create a buzzing atmosphere. Alongside this, digital signage can improve the efficiency of your bowling alley, boosting staff productivity and leaving more time to construct an unforgettable experience for customers.

Bowling alleys are increasingly evolving to keep up with rapidly advancing modern-day technology. Beyond the digital scoreboards projecting all the strikes, spares, and misses of your customers, electronic screens have many advantageous uses. Situate bowling alley digital signage throughout your venue, such as in the lane booths, lobby, restaurant, or arcade.

From optimised entertainment to efficient check-in, we highlight 7 ways you can strike with digital signage for bowling alleys.

1.    Digital Menu Board

Revamp your bowling alley with smart and easy-to-read digital menu boards. Whether your venue has a restaurant, café, diner, or bar, replace static and unappealing posters with large digital menu boards that can be seen and read from the front to the back of the queue, as well as by those still in their lane. These screens will boost sales by making your items and offers jump out, increasing revenue for your venue.

Fit this form of bowling alley digital signage horizontally or vertically to optimise the wall and screen space. Alternatively, connect multiple screens to create a video wall with seamless content, making your digital menu stand out.

The ability to easily change displayed content will also enable menu updates or one-off deals to be implemented immediately. For example, if food goes out of stock on busy days. Alternatively, schedule content to display at certain times and dates. For example, when a specific meal deal is on offer or drinks deals in the evenings. This preparation saves time for both staff and customers, keeping everyone happy.

Strike With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys TrouDigital

2.    Advertise Promotional Content On Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys

After taking their shot, many customers will have their attention captured by digital signage for bowling alleys while waiting for their next turn. Encourage people to spend money while they wait by advertising on-screen what your venue has to offer, from meal deals to arcade prizes.

Significantly, make use of digital signage to display live offers; research has found that almost half (48%) of shoppers admit a discount has sped up a purchasing decision. If customers see a deal on-screen, especially one with a time limit, they will be more inclined to spend money, increasing venue revenue.

Bowling alley digital signage is a far superior way to promote offers over static posters. Firstly, update on-screen content immediately with digital signage software without having to reprint and replace print posters. Secondly, schedule promotional offers to display at a specific date and time, improving the venue’s efficiency. And, thirdly, digital signage’s multimedia capabilities turn heads, and research has shown that viewers are 64-84% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Digital signage is, therefore, a must-have for displaying sales-boosting promotional content.

Go one step further with your promotional content, and sell on-screen advertising space to local businesses, such as restaurants or cinemas. This move can be a great revenue driver for your venue while simultaneously boosting traffic to the local area. Businesses could provide you with a scannable QR code to place on-screen, giving visitors exclusive discounts to their business, such as 20% off food. This discount will encourage people to visit both your bowling alley and the restaurant.

Display promotional content on-screen throughout your venue, such as above the lanes, on arcade digital signage or restaurant digital signage. By making this promotional content fun and popping, even advertisements will make your bowling alley the place to be.

Strike With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys TrouDigital

3.    Optimise Entertainment With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys

Digital signage for bowling alleys has the power to take your venue to the next level. With the sharp graphics of LCD and LED screens, you can display video content and exciting, laser visuals to create a buzz. Place this bowling alley digital signage at the end of lanes, in the booths, or arcade. Additionally, when digital scoreboards are not in use, turn these into entertainment hubs.

People love video content, and research has revealed that 85% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2021. By employing digital signage throughout your venue, you can ensure all customers are presented with video entertainment to optimise their experience. Video content can include music videos from YouTube above the lanes, gaming video content on arcade digital signage, marketing content of your venue, or live streams of TV channels, amongst other ideas.

Alternatively, use these entertainment screens to schedule personalised messages in specific lanes. If you know a particular group is coming to your bowling alley, create and display content that shows you appreciate your customers. This content could include messages for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, hen and stag dos, and work parties.

When customers have completed their game, if there is space, they often contemplate staying for another. To make this an easy decision, curate a place they do not want to leave with multimedia entertainment digital signage for bowling alleys.

Strike With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys TrouDigital

4.    Self-Service Check-In Digital Kiosks

When customers arrive at the bowling alley, they need to check in. Though a simple process, queuing up to check in for a slot you have already booked can be tedious when you just want to get stuck in and enjoy the game.

Spare customers the wait and minimise queues with self-service digital kiosks. Research has shown that 61% of consumers want self-service tools at their disposal instead of tracking down or waiting for an employee to drive the experience for them. These kiosks provide touchscreen technology for customers to allow a quick and easy check-in, improving their satisfaction.

When not in use for check-in, these digital kiosks can become informational hubs. These hubs can provide answers to searchable information and FAQs, such as “Can I wear my own shoes?”, “What are your opening hours?” and “Do you host birthday parties?”. They can also provide an efficient way for customers to book bowling slots for the future.

Strike With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys TrouDigital

5.    Promote Leagues On Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys

The sport of bowling requires skill and passion, and teams are always looking for new talent. Use digital signage for bowling alleys to promote your team and encourage new recruits by accompanying large, noticeable text with team images and videos.

Alongside this, use the bowling alley digital signage to display league information, including the league table, upcoming fixtures, live scores, and team news. This content is easily updated through digital signage software and helps build hype around your team, attracting new spectators.

Promoting the league and showcasing talent, such as through player profiles, can also increase comradeship and build a community at your bowling alley. You could even pull in live data using the dashboard widget/feature to present live stats on players, helping players identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Strike With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys TrouDigital

6.    Outdoor Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys

Making your bowling alley stand out both inside and outside is crucial. Digital signage hardware has come far in the last decade; screens now have climate control, weather-proofing, water-proofing, dust-proofing, and sunlight-readable technology. The high brightness levels of commercial-grade screens also mean that content is always visible, even in direct sunlight.

Make use of these technological advancements by placing digital screens outside your bowling alley. These screens will draw attention and encourage people to come into your exciting and modern venue. Perhaps some potential customers went out for dinner or to the cinema nearby; seeing your bright signage will turn their heads and attract them to give bowling a go. Outdoor hardware will help you strike with digital signage for bowling alleys.

7.    Digital Hand Sanitisers

At bowling alleys, customers often share bowling balls and try different sizes to find the right ball. As a result, ensuring the cleanliness of your bowling alley is vital. This situation is where digital hand sanitisers play a crucial role.

Locating these stations throughout your venue can be a worthwhile move to demonstrate your bowling alley’s commitment to hygiene, especially in light of the pandemic. Situate them by entrances to the bowling alley, in the lobby, arcade, and near the lanes to provide visitors with the opportunity to keep their hands clean while viewing vital information on an attached screen.

When the dispenser is not in use, this attached digital screen can display generic content, such as opening hours and bowling news. Then, when triggered, it can present targeted information, such as diner deals or the price of a second game. This form of digital signage for bowling alleys provides another means to share your content while maintaining cleanliness, ensuring your venue avoids the gutter.

Strike With Digital Signage For Bowling Alleys TrouDigital

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