Play Your Cards Right With Digital Signage For Casinos

Jul 19, 2021 | Leisure

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Digital signage for casinos could transform your venue, creating an environment customers cannot resist. Digital signage can entertain, inform, and persuade customers in many ways, revolutionising your casino and the customer experience.

This blog highlights 6 ways you can hit the jackpot with digital signage for casinos. From high-quality multimedia content to digital menus, digital signage simultaneously entertains customers whilst improving casino operations.

Entertainment On Digital Signage For Casinos

Creating an atmosphere is what sells a casino to customers; it makes your casino stand out. Alongside spending and hopefully winning, people come for the thrill of the game and the experience. Create the very best environment possible by adopting digital signage for casinos.

Customers want and expect an exciting and high-class experience when they visit your casino. The multimedia capabilities of digital signage for casinos can achieve this. This content could include displaying video content of casino gameplay, promoting live shows with video clips, presenting casino-related graphics and animations, or rotating images of your venue. Also, display live games and races on the big screens to encourage customers to make bets and induce excitement.

Optimise the atmosphere further by creating a video wall. This wall creates an experience like no other for customers with high-definition graphics running seamlessly between screens, bringing your venue to life.

Play Your Cards Right With Digital Signage For Casinos TrouDigital

Casino Bar And Dining Digital Signage

Flowing drinks is a key attraction to casinos. Many players enjoy having a drink whilst playing their games or at the bar. Some casinos even provide dining options from light snacks to luxury restaurant areas. Use digital signage throughout your casino to showcase these bar and dining options and attract customers.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy casino with the loud noises of gaming machines and chatter, make your bar and dining advertisements stand out with multimedia digital posters on electronic screens. Draw people in with special offers and happy hour deals or simply just the colour-vibrant, mouth-watering imagery. By putting discounts right in front of customers on the casino floor, you can increase your sales; almost half (48%) of shoppers admit a discount has sped up a purchasing decision.

Equally important, in your bar and dining areas, adopt digital menus. With a digital drinks menu board, customers can easily read what drinks or food options are available in large, sharp text – something needed in busy areas and after a few drinks. This signage makes ordering drinks and food easier and minimises queues, increasing bar efficiency, customer satisfaction, and casino profits.

Moreover, using digital signage’s scheduling capability, you can schedule when certain drinks, food options, and promotions appear on-screen, whether at a particular time or on a specific day. Additionally, digital signage software allows content to be updated immediately, for example, if a drink goes out of stock or offer changes. This ability saves bartender time and customer disappointment.

Bar and dining areas can also make use of electronic screens to present live games or entertainment. Also, in live entertainment areas, screens can amplify the on-stage performance or complement the show with relevant graphics and video.

Gameplay And Digital Signage For Casinos

Optimise the quality of your games and maximise reach by integrating casino digital signage into the games themselves. Above machines or games, situate digital screens displaying relevant graphics or even enlarge the screens for gameplay, making your casino stand out and improving the gameplay experience.

Alternatively, promote games by using colour-vibrant, eye-catching digital screens to highlight the best games, machines, and tables on site. Draw attention by displaying jackpots large and bright or spaces in a game. Moreover, using digital signage software, you can update on-screen content immediately. This rapidness means that if a jackpot suddenly changes, this can be displayed on-screen right away. Similarly, use signage to spontaneously gather a crowd around an intense game.

For players performing well, why not use this signage to spotlight them. Induce competition amongst players for a coveted spot on-screen. Similarly, display gaming leagues and loyalty clubs to encourage further gaming amongst both new and old players.

Digital signage for casinos will induce excitement in customers, encouraging engagement and, hence, spending. This signage will make your casino more attractive, memorable, and profitable.

Play Your Cards Right With Digital Signage For Casinos TrouDigital

Check-in And Betting Kiosks

Digital kiosks are free-standing, touchscreen electronic screens that customers can interact with in a variety of ways. This form of digital signage works wonders for both small and large casinos, improving operations for staff and customers, as well as delivering a personal experience.

Rather than relying on a receptionist at the entrance, use digital kiosks for check-in. Customers can, therefore, enter the casino smoothly with just a few touches of a screen. Moreover, using touchscreen technology with integrated e-commerce, customers can digitally buy and receive their chips. Partner these check-in kiosks with welcome signage.

Also, use digital kiosks as betting kiosks. Display odds, scores, and other data to help customers make the right decision on where to place their money. These kiosks could be simply decorative or integrate e-commerce to allow customers to make bets digitally. With digital betting, human error, contact, and distraction are limited, ensuring operations run seamlessly and quickly.

Alternatively, using a digital kiosk, present an interactive directory of games, machines, tables, and other amenities your casino has to offer for customers to browse when they are looking for something new. This content will ensure every customer is aware of all attractions provided, increasing satisfaction and revenue.

Digital Wayfinding On Digital Signage For Casinos

Casino customers want a seamless and enjoyable experience. Increase the chances of this by improving customer ease in finding games, entertainment, dining, exits, toilets, and other facilities by using digital wayfinding.  

Deliver wayfinding through digital kiosks or traditional electronic screens. Digital kiosks provide interactive guides for customers, allowing customers to search the map, select their desired location, and receive a personal route. Traditional electronic screens can display arrows and text to signpost certain areas, for example, “slot machines this way” or “upstairs for dining”.

For customers, getting lost and not finding every amenity on offer is disappointing, especially in larger venues. Providing directions to different areas, rooms, and floors can make life a lot easier for guests and their experience a lot more enjoyable. Do not take a gamble and hope customers will find their own way, employ wayfinding content to increase customer loyalty and trust.

Play Your Cards Right With Digital Signage For Casinos TrouDigital

External Advertisements

If your casino is looking for ways to drive up revenue, digital signage is the perfect solution. Casino digital signage provides valuable space for businesses to advertise their products or services. These businesses could be local, for example, hotels or taxi services, or large companies, such as drink brands or mobile gaming apps.

Digital signage is a great way to attract external advertisers. Businesses will recognise their potential reach via electronic screens to target audiences. These screens are eye-catching and have multimedia capabilities, helping advertisements stand out, unlike static posters.

It is important to remember, however, to give space to businesses that align with your casino culture. For example, while a fashion brand may offer you a lot of money, it may not add to the player experience and ensure customers return. This vetting process ensures that advertisements add to the atmosphere for customers whilst simultaneously boosting your revenue.

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