Gallery Digital Signage – Technology Meets Art

Gallery digital signage is up there with the most creative deployments we’ve come across.

The art world is an industry we are really passionate about working with. Today we want to share some ideas for those thinking of installing screens in their art gallery.

Maximise space and provide context

One of the greatest challenges faced by curators and gallery managers is working with a limited amount of space. Getting the balance right between overdressing a studio or leaving it looking bare is a fine art in itself. Digital signage for galleries is a great way to overcome this as screens and tablets nowadays can be extremely subtle and slight. Incorporating screens into exhibitions enables curators to digitally showcase complementary pieces of artwork. For instance, a gallery might be selling the latest portrait from an artist and use an adjacent screen to display some of their older work on a slideshow. Far from detracting from the physical composition, this presentation method can elevate a viewer’s experience by providing a wider context that is otherwise unavailable. On a very practical level, digital signage has the benefit of being able to showcase multiple images in a loop that overcomes space restraints.

Sell in a discrete, subtle way

When you’re an art lover, it’s easy to forget that galleries need to make money. Your favourite up-and-coming artists need to get paid. People are often put off when they see price tags, distracted from the art itself. While some high-end galleries choose not to disclose price until requested, others find it a necessary tactic to operate as a business. Gallery digital signage allows dealers to sell in a discrete, subtle way. Deploying small screens next to exhibits allows them to convey information like the price, date of composition etc without interfering with the artwork itself. The use of interactive displays, in particular, with triggers like ‘touch to check price’, can be highly effective in catering to a viewer’s preference. In galleries where digital prints of showcased artwork might also be sold, these items can be presented alongside the originals to promote sales.

gallery digital signage

Evoke the artist’s presence

The art world has always been, and will always be, divided over the art vs the artist. Does authorial intention matter? Should we enjoy art devoid from the artist? Whatever your personal stance, a lot, if not the majority of galleries choose to celebrate the artist – whether that’s a historical figure or a contemporary celebrity. Digital signage for galleries is an exceptional way to facilitate this goal.  Displays can be used alongside works to provide author profiles and draw from other resources such as websites. Content might include short biographies and a list of most famous works. Where galleries are exhibiting contemporary or perhaps local artists, displays might even want to incorporate an artist’s social media where relevant, for example, if they are active on Twitter or Instagram.

digital signage for galleries

An extension of the art itself

It’s fair to say that digital signage might be out of place in some galleries if curators are going for a more traditional approach. Where digital signage for galleries comes into its own, however, is in modern art galleries where many of the pieces on display might even be digital, or at least, digitally inspired. In these venues, screens really can become an extension of, or even host the art itself, particularly when video walls are deployed as canvases. More and more galleries too are following an interactive approach, equally popular among museums. Where visitors are encouraged to physically engage with the art, interactive screens can be a great platform to heighten this experience.

Gallery digital signage opens up a number of creative opportunities for curators and art dealers. At its best, the technology not only enhances an experience, it becomes an extension of the art itself.

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