How To Increase Employee Engagement | 3 Top Ways

Dec 22, 2020 | Internal Communications

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

This blog looks at 3 ways for how to increase employee engagement. Having strong employee engagement is critical in regards to the success of your employees and your organisation.

But why should you worry about increasing employee engagement? And is it worth doing? Reports have found that teams with more engaged employees saw an increase of 21% profitability against those with low or no engagement. In addition to this, disengaged employees can be costly. Statistics show that it costs American companies around $550 billion every year! With these stats in mind, increasing your employee engagement should be a large part of your business development plan.

Here are 3 ways on how to increase your employee engagement at your organisation…

1. Regular Communication

Communication is important in all kinds of situations. For example, when you’re launching a new product, fluid communication between sales, marketing, R&D, and production teams is critical in attaining a successful launch. Or the importance of communication can even be shown in an event as simple as thinking of what everyone is going to have for dinner. Good communication results in everyone getting to eat something they like, and bad communication may result in some unsatisfied stomachs!

When it comes to increasing employee engagement, communication is key. More importantly, regular communication. Some companies have reported employees are as much as 3x more engaged when regular communication is in place.

With regular communication, employees can know what is going on at all times and know what they need to be doing to be working towards the same goal. Without regular communication, an employee may become detached and unengaged from the latest goals and projects an organisation is working on.

There is an ocean of methods you can use to exercise regular communication. These include:

  • Work group chats.
  • Weekly meetings.
  • Employee advocacy on social media.
  • Updating messages on digital screens and noticeboards.
  • Regular performance meetings.
  • Collaboration software (Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, etc.).
How To Increase Employee Engagement | 3 Top Ways TrouDigital


2. Frequent Rewards And Incentives

If you’re still wondering how to increase employee engagement, frequent rewards and incentives may be your golden ticket.

The success of a business is largely down to hard-working employees who are great at what they do. Recognising an employee’s performance is a great way to boost their self-esteem, boost their morale, and can help them perform even better than before.

Having rewards and incentives to work towards can help motivate employees to engage more and help achieve targets. For example, the sales department may have a goal of a 66% close rate. If they hit it, they will all be treated to a company meal and an early finish. With this in mind, all the sales department employees will all engage in sales activities to smash the target and win the rewards for themselves and the team. With no incentive in place, employees may not see the point of engaging and getting involved and their performance could decrease.

There are many ways you can recognise employees through frequent rewards and incentives including:

  • Newsletter features.
  • Social media shout outs.
  • Trophies.
  • Gift cards.
  • Days out.
  • Meals.
  • Holidays.
  • Pay rises.
  • Promotions.
  • Gifts.
How To Increase Employee Engagement | 3 Top Ways TrouDigital

3. How To Increase Employee Engagement With Digital Signage

For years, organisations have attempted to improve their employee engagement with posters and message boards. Although these can look great, many organisations have found them to be a pain to replace at a cost to the company budget and also the environment. In addition to this, posters have lacked the ability to grab the attention of their intended audiences and have quickly slipped into the background. With these issues in mind, organisations have been looking for more efficient methods to increase employee engagement across organisations.

Through digital signage, organisations can display messages, videos, photos, news, touch screen interfaces and more. But how can it increase employee engagement?

With the nature of digital signage, there is an unlimited number of ways you can increase employee engagement. For example, you can keep employees engaged through live metrics and KPIs, digital message boards with the latest events just to name a couple.

Here are our favourite ways you can increase the engagement of staff with digital displays:


  • Touch screen displays and digital signage kiosks where employees can leave feedback.
  • TV dashboards that show live KPIs, metrics, and statistics.
  • Live social media feeds.
  • Video wall solutions that show off your employee’s achievements.
  • Digital message boards that keep employees updated on what’s going on at the organisation.
  • Company updates.
  • Employee of the month content.
  • New employee welcomes and introductions.
  • New employee schemes (such as carpools etc.).
How To Increase Employee Engagement | 3 Top Ways TrouDigital
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