Digital Sales Screen For Offices – Display Targets And Rally The Troops

Jun 14, 2018 | Internal Communications

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Communicating employee targets or the results of some friendly work competition isn’t always easy, let alone displayed in a fun or interesting way.

Digital sales screens can be used to effectively communicate this type of information, whilst keeping it engaging and eye-catching for those in the office.

Sales Targets – Hit That Bullseye

Being able to creatively display your business’s monthly, quarterly and yearly targets can be almost as difficult as hitting the targets themselves. Traditional methods of using tables, graphs, or something like a sticker chart for keeping track of your goals have become rather archaic and uninspiring. Forward-thinking businesses need to implement innovative internal communication.
Using a digital sales screen to present your core metrics allows you to keep things fresh and exciting, without losing any key information. You can then feel at ease that everyone across your team is aware of the targets and the progress currently made towards these. Displays are a great way to ensure everyone shares a strong sense of direction, removing an excuse for below-par performance. 
The act of simply installing screens can have a huge ROI by focusing everyone on the goal posts. Can your business afford not to invest?

Motivation – Rally The Troops

Keeping morale high within a business will make hitting even the most difficult targets a reality. Give recognition to those who deserve it by displaying their latest sale or perhaps customer support achievement. A simple sale could bring the team past its monthly goal, or exceed last year’s sales record, and should be praised in style. You could even display internal achievements, such as ’employee of the month’ awards, internal promotions, or employee suggested changes that have been implemented.
Digital Sales Screen For Offices - Display Targets And Rally The Troops TrouDigital Turning what can too often feel like personal wins into team wins can have a huge motivational effect on the team, fostering an atmosphere where peers congratulate each other and enjoy reciprocal attention under the spotlight. Used in this way, a digital sales screen can directly improve employee satisfaction and retention levels, paying for themselves in the long-run. 
There’s nothing like a friendly competition to help drive performance, but the usual methods of keeping track like whiteboards or spreadsheets are slow, boring and hard to keep updated. Digital sales screens allow you or your team to create custom competitions that are fun, engaging and tailored to different areas of the business.
Whether your current focus is sales, customer satisfaction, or growing your social media, create competitions that target key areas for improvement and watch as energy levels spike. 

Sales Tips And Tricks – Knowledge Is Power

Office sales screens can equally be used as a dynamic training tool. There are countless resources out there regarding the art of sales. Utilise sales coaching videos by embedding YouTube videos on your screen network. Curate and add sales tips and tricks as snippets of advice to inspire and sharpen your salespeople. If you ever hire trainers or run coaching events, you can show their material on screen too or advertise the event to encourage participation.
Digital Sales Screen For Offices - Display Targets And Rally The Troops TrouDigital The best salespeople in your team should lead by example to others. A great way to galvanise the entire department is to encourage top performers to assist more junior account managers. Giving them the opportunity to provide their own advice and insights on your sales screen can make them feel appreciated as well as help others.
Phrases they find useful on sales calls might be shared with others to foster a collaborative environment.

A digital sales screen in your office can provide a range of functions leading to increased team motivation and performance.

Can your company afford to miss out on the ROI?

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