Digital Signage Hire – Ideas For Your Event

Nov 6, 2017 | Hospitality

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Did you know digital signage can be hired?

Although events and summits usually only last for a few days, the preparation for them can take weeks, months, and even years.

Not only does running an event require a high level of preparation, it also requires a certain level of innovation to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. Finding the latest and most captivating tools, technologies, and software is vital in keeping your attendees engaged from start to finish.

If you find yourself in this predicament, consider digital signage hire.

Digital signage refers to the screens used to display content – images, videos, text, live feeds and more. It is used by a range of industries as a communication tool. If you are asking yourself: why should I invest in digital signage for an event that may only last for a few days? Fear not, you can hire digital signage and here’s why you should consider it.

Digital Signage Hire - Ideas For Your Event TrouDigital

Improving your social media presence

HootSuite, online social media gurus, estimated that social media advertising budgets doubled worldwide across a two-year period from 2014. When a large summit comes around, it is natural that organisers and attendees are vocal on these platforms. Using social media during an event is a great way to extend its reach to those not in attendance, interacting a wider audience. 
Linking up a digital signage screen with your social media account will allow passersby to engage with posts from your social media. More creatively, you can create a hashtag for your event and allow the latest Twitter and Instagram posts containing that hashtag to be displayed on your screen. Doing so will not only keep your signage constantly up-to-date with developments within the event, but it will also encourage attendees to engage with your social media and get involved.

Making the schedule known

Events often have a lineup of speakers, performances or workshops throughout the day. Usually, there are multiple activities happening at once, and in different places. Ideally, all visitors would do their research before arriving, knowing their schedule and where to be. But to maximise the enjoyment of your event, it’s a good idea for organisers to make this information clear on the day. Digital signage hire screens can advertise the activities going on and also provide wayfinding instructions on how to find them.
This is one of the most valuable uses of hire screens as the difference between a packed-out audience and empty seats can just be a well-publicised start time and place. Having access to the event itinerary also gives attendees more control over how they spend their day which always enhances their experience. 

Digital Signage Hire - Ideas For Your Event TrouDigital

Real-time communication 

The running of an event or show can be stressful. Things are always changing and even the best-organised events can end up running behind schedule for countless reasons. Often event organisers will need a way to communicate with attendees, sharing notices whether that be the delay of a speaker or a traffic warning. Hiring digital signage serves this function with a reliable platform to communicate with attendees. Messages can be pushed real-time to screens, often from a mobile device to make management on the day all the easier. You might want to use this functionality to share content from the event while it’s happening, or direct footfall to particular locations. It’s also a great resource to have in place in case the need to push health and safety information should arise. 

Boost sponsorship revenue

Last year, the Body Power Expo in the NEC, Birmingham experienced record-breaking numbers. The total number of attendees sat at just over 90,000, including multiple industry influencers, with the average attendee spending hours in the expo. The attendees, as well as being high in number, were also the perfect consumer market for fitness-related brands. Fitness related brands pump large amounts of capital into this event every year by offering free tasters, obtaining contacts for strategic email marketing campaigns, and inviting along their top brand ambassadors to promote their products.
The result – large amounts of brand exposure for advertisers, significant income for event organisers and real value to consumers. 
No matter what the niche of the event, hiring digital signage adds another feather to your bow when attracting sponsorship partners. The combinations of high footfall and dwell time, combined with a highly targeted audience, make digital screens extremely effective at engaging event attendees. The competitive nature of advertising at events makes this a lucrative investment for organisers who can offer tiered packages for sponsors, placing a premium on screen time. Check out our ultimate guide for a more in-depth insight into harnessing the potential of digital signage as an advertising platform.

Digital Signage Hire - Ideas For Your Event TrouDigital

If digital signage hire is something that you are considering for an event, check out our recent event digital signage case studies for more ideas on how to utiltise digital signage hire.

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