Own The Night With Digital Signage For Nightclubs

Apr 12, 2021 | Hospitality

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Picture the scenes, it is June 21st 2021, and your nightclub reopens its doors to crowds of people wanting a great night out. But how do you make your club stand out from the rest, how do you make your drink sales soar, and how do you create the very best experience for your customers? Nightclub digital signage provides the solution to all these questions.

Digital signage for nightclubs consists of using electronic screens to convey information or effects at particular locations throughout a club, such as the entrance, stage, or bar. Content is created, scheduled, and managed through digital signage software. Then, a media player is used to display this content onto a screen.

Unlike conventional print signage, digital signage effectively captures 400% more views than static signage (Intel Corp). This fact proves digital signage to be a superior form of communication and marketing for any nightclub.

In this blog, we explore how nightclub digital signage solutions can optimise the customer experience, improve club efficiency, and increase sales, making digital displays the best way to revamp your club for its reopening.

Digital Menus and Drinks Promotions

In a dark and noisy club, knowing what drinks are on sale or offer is tricky. Posters are often hard to read, and queues are too long to wait for one drink or to find out pricing. Some customers give up, minimising sales. Digital signage for nightclubs can solve this issue.

With a digital drinks menu board, customers can easily read what drinks are available in large, sharp text – something needed when your 20:20 vision is playing tricks on you after a few drinks. This signage will minimise queues by cutting out the time customers spend asking for prices or deciding their drink at the bar, increasing bar efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Everyone has been there; you ask how much one Jäger Bomb is, find out it is three for a fiver, and buy nine. Yet why wait for customers to feel like asking when you can display the offer on-screen instead. In fact, research has shown that almost half (48%) of shoppers admit a discount has sped up a purchasing decision, indicating that displaying deals can encourage sales.

Moreover, using digital signage’s scheduling capability, you can schedule when certain drinks promotions appear on-screen, whether at a particular time or on a specific day. Additionally, digital signage software allows content to be updated immediately. This feature means that as drinks go out of stock through the night, you can cross them off the digital menu, saving bartender time and customer disappointment.

No one enjoys a busy and overcrowded bar. By employing digital menu boards in your nightclub, a better reputation is created for your club and a better experience for customers, ensuring they want to return.

Own The Night With Digital Signage For Nightclubs TrouDigital

Sell Advertising Space to Boost Revenue

The past year has been a struggle for British nightlife; with clubs closing back in March 2020, staying financially afloat has been tough. Adopting digital signage within your club provides a cost-effective way to boost club revenue.

Nightclub digital signage provides valuable space for businesses to advertise their products or services. With nightclub capacity ranging from the low hundreds to over 1000 at larger venues, clubs can provide businesses with the perfect location to target a large number of 18-29-year-olds. Companies, such as drink brands, will be attracted to this eye-catching, multimedia platform for marketing, increasing your club revenue.

It is important to remember, however, to give space to businesses that align with your club culture. This focus will engage rather than annoy customers and add to your overall club atmosphere.

Optimise the Club Experience

Making the club atmosphere the very best it can be is crucial to creating a great night out for customers. A particular ambience makes a club stand out from its competitors, convincing people to return. Nightclub digital signage throughout your club can enhance this atmosphere. Display immersive graphics, themed content, bright colours and lights, or even promo and music videos.

A great place to situate LED electronic screens is by the DJ booth or stage. Use these screens to create a mood aligning with the music or even live stream the performing DJ. No matter if a customer is at the barrier or the very back, everyone will be able to see the up-close live action on the big screen. This feature creates a memorable experience for both the audience and the performer.

Alternatively, make use of a video wall comprised of multiple normal-sized screens with seamless transition. This digital signage option can upgrade any club atmosphere, presenting large and smooth graphics and creating a unique customer experience.

Own The Night With Digital Signage For Nightclubs TrouDigital

Promote Your Club On Nightclub Digital Signage

Getting customers into your club is one thing, but making them return is another. Nightclub digital signage does not just have to be about the night itself. Use it to promote future nights, build hype, and give people a taste of what is to come. To achieve this, display a fun advertisement or video clip of an event. If a particular night will have a special ticket or drinks offer, promote it here.

While print signage limits what you can display, digital signage software has playlist functionality, allowing you to rotate displayed content. This feature means you can advertise multiple events on one screen, saving space and resources, whether that night is this week or in the distant future.

Encourage Social Media Engagement

The majority of clubbers are under 30 years old, perfectly aligning with the greatest demographic on social media. Studies have shown that 88% of 18-29-year-olds use social media, using, on average, four different platforms. This fact exposes the benefits of promoting your club social media on digital signage to increase your following.

Using digital displays for nightclubs, you can promote a particular account, event hashtag, or display images sent to the club account. This content will increase engagement with your social accounts; clubbers will be keen to send in photos and comments to see their names up on the big screen.

By improving your social media activity, you can increase brand awareness and, as a result, see more customers entering those doors. High engagement will generate FOMO amongst social media users who see how great a night out is at your club.

Own The Night With Digital Signage For Nightclubs TrouDigital

Welcome Guests With Nightclub Digital Signage

For any venue, ensuring the guests have a positive experience is a must. A simple welcome message on nightclub digital signage at the entrance or throughout the club can help achieve this.

When a particular group hires or attends your venue, tailor your welcome presentation to the occasion or people. Similarly, use your club welcome signage to present personalised messages for VIP customers or those with a birthday. This idea could be a revenue driver if promoted as part of a VIP package or advertised as something friends can buy to get their mate’s name on the digital screen.

Alternatively, use the nightclub screen to welcome celebrity guests making a club appearance. By creating a memorable experience from the moment that celebrity walks in, they will have a great night and want to return to your club. Also, the nightclub screen can display celebrity images to build hype amongst customers and give directions to where to get photographs.

Provide Directions to Guests

For larger clubs, providing directions to different rooms or floors, entrances, exits, bars, toilets, and smoking areas, is a simple factor to consider; it can make or break a night. When you are in a multi-level, multi-room club, bursting for the toilet after a few drinks, not being able to find the bathroom is a nightmare.

If people keep getting lost within your club, they will not want to return; they will go somewhere much easier to work out. Use digital signage to improve the navigation of your club and enhance customer experience.

Own The Night With Digital Signage For Nightclubs TrouDigital

Outdoor Nightclub Digital Signage

Nightclub digital signage goes beyond indoors. Digital signage hardware has come far in the last decade; screens now have climate control, weather-proofing, water-proofing, dust-proofing, and sunlight-readable technology. The high brightness levels of digital signage commercial-grade screens mean that content is always visible even in direct sunlight.

Make use of these technological advancements with a digital nightclub screen or video wall outside your club to entice people in. In the day time, use signage to promote club nights and offers. At night, while people queue, promote what is inside and show people what they are missing. This feature will help you own the night above competitors.

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