Digital Signage For Opticians – A Visual Marketing Platform

Opticians are the latest industry to face fierce competition from online retailers, most famously Warby Parker in the US.

In response to these trends, digital signage for opticians has become a popular tool to digitise stores and engage screen-savvy new audiences.

Showcase Product Catalogues

As any glasses-wearer will know, the range of frames and even lens types available today is mind-boggling. You walk into a store to pick out a new pair and the decision is an extremely difficult one. Spectacles are an extremely personal thing with many people, especially first-time buyers, self-conscious about their appearance.

Digital screens in an optician can be used to showcase a wider range of products that might otherwise be displayed on the shelves. Similar styles can be shown alongside each other, crucially with models in photographs, or better yet videos, to give would-be wearers the best impression of them. It can be hard otherwise to imagine a frame while it’s hanging on the shelf.

The most innovative of opticians might choose to deploy touch-screen displays in their stores. These devices can act as interactive sales catalogues, giving users the ability to search through types and styles of their choice, and then more easily locate their favourites in the store or ask a member of staff.

digital signage for opticians

You would be wrong to assume opticians sell only glasses. Beyond sunglasses, a wide range of contact lenses and other products, even hearing aids, are sold. Digital signage for opticians can be a great way to sell products that can’t as easily be displayed in a case. The differences between different lenses etc can be explained with the opportunity to upsell higher quality products.

Promote a Variety of Services

Opticians offer a variety of services from contact lens plans to eye tests and check-ups. Most of the time, it falls to an optician during an appointment to try and promote the different plans and offers available, such as 2 for 1 on glasses or direct debit lens plans. A digital screen in the waiting area can complement this objective and alleviate the responsibility on staff who are clinically trained as opposed to necessarily having sales skills.

A well placed digital screen can be used to cross-promote services too. Placing information about contact lenses near the glasses displays, or information about hearing tests in the eye examination waiting room, is an effective way to increase the uptake of other services. Similarly, a digital screen located in the window facing passing footfall can be used to encourage people to come inside and book an appointment or browse for a new pair of glasses.

Digital signage for opticians is ideally suited to promoting seasonal content, most relevantly, sunglasses during the warmer months. The ability to schedule content to play in advance at certain times of the year, month, week or day allows for granular control of internal marketing. Using screens to advertise the latest sunglasses can see a huge uplift in sales.

Inform and Educate Customers

Opticians have always walked the line between retailers and healthcare specialists. Beyond selling products and services, they are increasingly taking it upon themselves to inform and educate their customers about eye health and positive lifestyle habits. Through digital signage, this might be shared using digital posters, informative videos or simple text messaging. External sources of content like YouTube might be utilised, drawing on a vast library of pre-existing content.

optician digital screen

Some of the most important optician-goers are children as they have the highest potential life-time value as customers and are the most likely to need regular eye tests. Considering this unique audience, opticians would do well to target children with educational content, advising the next generation about eye care. There can be a stigma amongst young children in school around wearing glasses too which might be addressed through exciting and inspirational content.

Ultimately, digital signage for opticians is a brilliant way for high street retailers to compete with the online market. Promotional and informative displays can help to modernise a brand and provide a superior service.

If you are an optician interested in digital signage, please book yourself on a quick web demo.

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