Internships at TrouDigital | An Interview with Maisie

Jul 6, 2023 | Featured

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

At TrouDigital, we’ve had great success with our internship programme (I actually started as an intern years ago!). From Marketing and sales to technical writers and operations, over the years we’ve welcomed a number of bright students to join our team and make their mark. A strong link with the University of Southampton has allowed us to work with some of the best students universities have to offer.

We like to think we do internships differently at TrouDigital. You’re never stuck making teas or coffee or doing laborious mind-numbing tasks. Instead, we love to get you stuck in with meaningful projects that not only provide value but help you grow into your role and career.

This time, we sat down with our latest intern Maisie to ask her all about her time with us.

Name: Maisie Fear.

Position: Marketing Intern.

Internship length: 10 months.

Year of study: Final year (Graduated).

A bit about Maisie: My name is Maisie Fear, I have just finished completing my Marketing degree at the University of Southampton. I am originally from Wales.

Internships at TrouDigital | An Interview with Maisie TrouDigital

How did you find out about the internship?

I found the internship through an advertisement on the University of Southampton careers website. They post various jobs and internships for students including listings exclusive to Southampton students.

What made you choose TrouDigital?

TrouDigital offered me the opportunity to apply the marketing theory learnt throughout my degree and put it into practice. The job listing appealed to me because I wanted to broaden my experience in social media and content creation, making a marketing internship at TrouDigital the ideal place.

Internships at TrouDigital | An Interview with Maisie TrouDigital
Maisie and some of the team after completing an Escape Room on a TrouDigital social!
Left to right: Hazel | Alistair | Maisie

What jobs did you do?

My primary responsibilities at TrouDigital included managing the TrouDigital social media accounts, creating marketing brochures for our clients, and producing video testimonials to showcase our client’s reviews. Also, I acted as an assistant to our marketing manager Alistair to review any content and provide assistance wherever needed.

Masie helped produce our first ever video testimonial with the University of Southampton Science Park

What was your favourite thing about the internship?

My favourite thing about the internship was seeing our social media channels improve in terms of engagement levels following my ideas and input. It’s fantastic to see the final outcome of your personal input.

What is the most important thing you learned?

The importance of changing your branding and messaging to suit your target audience, through using customer profiling and statistics to help pick the right target audience. Following my university degree, I was able to see the value of branding and messaging in a real-life scenario, beyond the theory I’ve previously learnt.

Internships at TrouDigital | An Interview with Maisie TrouDigital
Maisie and some of the TrouDigital team on Christmas Jumper day

What does a typical day at TrouDigital look like for you?

Typically, I’d start my day with a coffee from the Science Park coffee shop. After that, I’d set up my laptop and desk ready for the day ahead. Firstly, I’d check the calendar to see what was coming up for the day, once I was aware of any meetings or calls, I’d input my planned schedule for the day in time blocks. Planning out my day in blocks allows me to stay on top of tasks and be more productive. Typically, I check emails, answer any queries, check our marketing calendar to complete tasks and check ClickUp for any jobs assigned to me. I typically take my lunch break at 2pm and conduct smaller tasks in the afternoon. At 5pm my working day ends, so I pack up and head home!

Internships at TrouDigital | An Interview with Maisie TrouDigital
Maisie and the team enjoying a meal

Top 5 takeaways

  1. Professional development: This internship provided numerous opportunities for professional growth which I can take forward into my career.
  2. Benefits of working with a small team: Having previously worked in a large corporation, working as part of a small team saw my creative ideas being implemented.
  3. Endless Learning in Marketing: The world of marketing is limitless in terms of learning and development. 
  4. Industry changes in the B2B SaaS industry: I witnessed the rapid adoption of AI software, such as Chat GPT, in transforming customer support and engagement, allowing businesses to enhance the overall customer experience.
  5. Friendly Team: Working alongside a friendly team makes your working experience and environment better!

Plans for the future

In the near future, I will be starting a graduate role for The Hut Group as a CRM Executive. I can see myself staying in the marketing field for years to come due to my experience and passion for the field.

Internships at TrouDigital | An Interview with Maisie TrouDigital
Maisie and Molly with the TrouDigital logo

We wish Maisie the best of luck on her next adventures with THG and thank her for all of her hard work over the last 10 months – THANK YOU MAISIE!

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