Digital Signage in Schools – The Shift Towards Paperless Communication

Oct 6, 2017 | Education

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Digital signage in schools is revolutionising communication in the education sector for staff, visitors and pupils.

It allows messages to be shown around the school on a schedule or in real-time to engage and provide information.

Digital signage in schools is effective whether you have one screen or several up around your site. Why consider going paperless?

The benefits

Digital signage in schools is a great way to modernise communication in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and sixth forms. The key is to place your digital screen where people will see it. For schools, this will be areas where pupils and staff flow in corridors or gather in halls. Reception areas, staff rooms, dining halls and playgrounds are also all popular spots for signage where tailored content can be used. 
Schools are busy places. There’s always a lot going on and plenty of distractions so it can be difficult for a school to cut through the noise and communicate important information to pupils. This is where digital signage comes in. A screen showing videos, images and animated text is a lot more engaging than static posters that easily get ignored. One of the major upsides is the ability to change content frequently, rather than leave outdated notices up.

Digital Signage in Schools - The Shift Towards Paperless Communication TrouDigital

Improve efficiency

Schools need to run like clockwork. Digital displays around a school can make this happen through a variety of content. They can be used to display timetables for classes and extra-curricular activities; menus in the canteen; reminders of school rules and even wayfinding maps for visitors and new students. A visual reminder of the above information promotes punctuality among pupils which in turn helps keep the school schedule running on time. 

Welcome guests

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit from improved communication, visitors to a school can be welcomed by a screen in reception. This platform provides a great opportunity to showcase the school’s achievements, up-and-coming events, or perhaps the new healthy lunch menu to impress the parents! In an increasingly paperless world, digital signage sends the right message about your forward-facing institution. 
Digital Signage in Schools - The Shift Towards Paperless Communication TrouDigital

Promote events

We are always impressed by the sheer number of events organised by schools. This could be open evenings, creative arts performances, sports events, charity fundraisers, evening classes, external trips and much more. With so much going on, it can be hard to get the word out and ensure strong attendance to your events. Digital signage in schools introduces a platform where promotional messages can be spread easily and effectively. Real-time alerts can be deployed to prompt reminders about a fundraising day or the last chance to buy tickets for an upcoming show. As well as creating hype around events beforehand, displays can be used for messaging during them too.

Show creative media

There are many creatives applications for digital signage that are appropriate for the education sector. Educational videos can be displayed, including through YouTube, to complement what’s taught in classrooms. On touchscreens, interactive games can even be used. With the ability to embed live web pages, RSS feeds and social media, the opportunities are endless for entertaining and informative content. 
Digital Signage in Schools - The Shift Towards Paperless Communication TrouDigital

Adhere to government regulations

While digital signage in schools can be fun, it can also help provide more serious information to pupils. For example, it is now in EU regulations to provide allergy information with any food that is sold. A digital screen can easily show your lunchtime menu and snacks with a full list of nutritional information. By providing this information digitally, you save money on printing out menus with allergy information on.

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