5 Uses Of Interactive Displays For Schools

Already using digital whiteboards? Keep students, staff and visitors informed with interactive displays for schools.

More and more universities are using digital signs around campus. Just as valuable are interactive displays for schools.

Here are five prime places you should consider:

1. Reception area

A school’s reception area often shapes the first impression of visitors. Interactive displays for schools create a modern and state-of-the-art impression. You could display helpful directions, the school’s prospectus, your current newsletter or live social media streams.

2. Canteens and dining halls

By midday, one thing is on every student’s mind – what’s for lunch? Gone are the days when dinner-ladies write their menus out in chalk. With an interactive display, you can remotely update your menu for every day of the week. You can schedule in advance or make last minute changes. What’s more, you can stream news-feeds or video to occupy your queuing students.

3. Library and study spaces

With students congregating in the library and study spaces, it’s the perfect place for an interactive display. They can check their exam timetable or even the weather. It’s also a great way to showcase student activities. Post the school’s recent sports results. Upload a collage from an art exhibition or a trailer for an upcoming theatre show.

4. Staff rooms

Somewhere in your staff room there’s probably a falling-apart bulletin board plastered with week-old memos. An interactive display is the solution. Teachers can leave each other messages, distinguishing between general and more targeted notices, e.g. to the English department.

5. Support services

Schools offering services such as career guidance can benefit from an interactive display in their office. List rolling work experience placements to attract applications. Offer bitesized advice on securing an apprenticeship or part-time work. Key information like how to write a personal statement for university can be displayed to compliment advice given face-to-face.

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