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The UK’s favourite digital signage software loved by global organisations and local business alike. Discover an ocean of features to supercharge your screens.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital
Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Loved By Leading Organisations Worldwide

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital
Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Why complicate things?

Digital Signage Software Made Easier Than Ever.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

A Drag And Drop Solution

Effortlessly create stunning content for your screens with our drag and drop online studio. Add images, videos, text, and videos by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Harness The Power Of Scheduling

Become a content DJ. Schedule your content to play where you need to when you need to. Perfect for seasonal content and limited-time deals.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Easily Scalable

TrouDigital grows with you. Simply add additional screens to your network in seconds. We won’t slow you down.

Cloud-based Digital Signage Software

Supercharging your content delivery

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital
Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Control From Anywhere.

Working remotely or have multiple locations? With TrouDigital, remotely control all your screens from one central dashboard wherever you are.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Update Screens In Seconds

Urgent announcement or important updates? With the cloud, press “update” and watch hundreds of screens update in seconds.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Support In A Flash

If you have an issue, our support team can access your screens remotely in seconds, minimising the downtime of your screens.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital
Digital Signage Software TrouDigital
Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

TrouDigital supported the British Airways Global Learning Academy as part of a company-wide service training initiative. The screens and technology are high quality and are an amazing addition to our training environment but it was the service provided from TrouDigital that really stood out.

British Airways

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Digital Signage Software Features And Integrations

Bring your screens to life in the click of a button

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Social Media Integration

Live social media feeds, including Twitter and Instagram.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Photos & Videos

Effortlessly upload and display photos and videos on your digital signage network.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

RSS News Feeds

Keep your audience informed with live scrolling newsfeeds from around the world.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Touch Screen Interaction

The easiest way to create touch screen content. Perfect for digital wayfinding.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Live TV Integration

Add value to your screens by displaying live TV alongside your content.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital


Save time and reduce workload by taking control of your content deployment with scheduling.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Control a Network of Screens

Seamlessly control a number of screens from a single location.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Live Calendars

Integrate a live calendar on your screen and keep your audience informed with what’s going on.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Microsoft Power BI

Connect Power BI to our template studio and start presenting dynamic reports and dashboards on your screens.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Google Suite

Seamlessly display Google products such as Google Slides, Calendar, and more on your displays. 

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital


Millions of YouTube videos ready to display on your screen at your fingertips.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Live Dashboards and Data Feed Integrations

Instantly pull live data from a live API or CSV file, and display live charts and dashboards on your screens.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

A Full CMS To Bring Your Screens To Life

Create, schedule, deploy, control. All in one place

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Streamlined Screen Grouping

Managing content for multiple locations has never been easier. Simply group screens by location, department, or function and apply your content.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Zero Restrictions

With TrouDigital you are in control. Unlike over providers, TrouDigital has removed all restrictions regarding your content. Create as much content as you want.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Easy Branding

Bring your brand to life with fully customised options for fonts, colours, and sizing. Ask about our white-labeling options too.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital
Digital Signage Software TrouDigital
Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

The speed and professionalism TrouDigital have shown, in a few short days, to provide our Content Management system has been exceptional. I highly recommend any sporting club or venue with multi-screen needs to view their offering… the support over email, phone and Zoom is as good as it gets. Their costs are also well below other providers.

Wycombe Wanderers F.C.

Neil Peters – Chief Commerical Officer

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Digital Signage Software With World-Class Support

The customer-focused digital signage experts 

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Free Training

With free training sessions, we’ll set you up for digital signage success. Learn everything you need to know to get started and become a digital signage expert. 

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Free Consultations

At TrouDigital we want you to get the most out of your screens. That’s why our team is available to give you any advice, you need to get you moving in the right direction.

Digital Signage Software TrouDigital

Custom Integrations

We love custom projects and integrations. TrouDigital can easily integrate custom data feeds and even apps into your digital signage project. Just let us know!

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Digital Signage Software FAQs

Got a question? We’ve got the answers!

What is digital signage software?

It is software that allows users to display content on their screens. Most digital signage software will allow users to design, edit, schedule, and upload content to their digital signage network.

There are many different types of digital signage software that all have various features, usability levels, and functionality.

TrouDigital provides a drag-and-drop, cloud-based software which allows you to remotely control your digital displays from one central dashboard.

How does digital signage software work?

Clever cloud-based software talks to your media player via the cloud. When the user presses “publish” or “update” on the online studio, the software sends the content to the media player which displays it on the screen. The media player is constantly talking to the digital signage software ensuring the most up-to-date version of your content is seen by your audience. 

How much is digital signage software?

Our digital signage software is £18 per month per screen. This includes support and free upgrades for life!

We also offer discounts for healthcare, education, and charity at £15 per month.

What can I display on my screens?

With TrouDigital software, there are zero limits to what you can display on your screen. Either upload your own content via photo or video or choose from dozens of widgets to bring your screens to life. 

Want to see our widgets? We’ve got you covered

Is digital signage software easy to use?

We believe it should be. That’s why we’ve built our software from the ground up utilising a drag-and-drop solution. This ensures our software is easy to use whether you’re completely new, or an IT expert.

What is digital signage software used for?

It is used by organisations in a wide range of industries to communicate with a desired audience via digital screens. 

The software is also used for displaying live data dashboards, live traffic, live weather, videos, images, live social media feeds, live news feeds, and advertising. 

Do you offer any training?

Yes! We want you to make the most out of your screens. That’s why we offer free training sessions to all our users. With TrouDigital you’ll be a digital signage expert in no time.

How do I get started?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get started with our software. That’s why we offer a few options to meet your needs.

If you want to see how the software works, you can book a software demo with our friendly team. In 20 minutes they’ll answer all your questions and show you the ins and outs of the software.

Want to experience the software yourself? Ask the team about our 14-day free trial. For 2 weeks gain full access to the online studio trying out all of our amazing features and widgets.

Or if you’re happy and ready to go. You can buy our software directly from the shop. Just remember you’ll also need to purchase a media player too.

Find out more about digital signage software.

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