World Cup Digital Signage – It’s Coming Home

Jul 11, 2018 | Digital Signage, Leisure

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

With the mighty England being in the semi-finals of the World Cup, there’s no doubt that both morale and interest in the World Cup are close to what they were in ’66. Because of this, die hard and temporary football fans alike are craving anything World Cup related, especially if it affirms our desire for the World Cup to come home.

These affirmations mainly arise from various news outlets, social media, or YouTube videos of Harry Kane’s goals throughout the world cup.

So, if you are someone who wants to share your passion, or perhaps capture the attention of passersby, World Cup digital signage may be able to help:

                                                                                         RSS Feeds

For those who don’t know, or have forgotten thanks to the world cup madness, an RSS feed is a text based web page that is popularly used in digital signage to embed live news feeds. Here at TrouDigital, our RSS feed widget is a simple yet effective way to display live world cup updates from news outlets, such as the BBC or ITV, to your audience. Rather than just being a static piece of text, it is displayed in the form of a scrolling news bulletin, which can be placed alongside your regular digital signage content. Be careful though, it updates every few minutes, so you may suddenly have a painful reminder repeating on your screen!

Social Media

Although the vast majority of comments surrounding the world cup on social media are probably inappropriate, our social media widgets are a great way to display the small amount that aren’t.  The Facebook and Instagram widgets can be used to pull in newly added photos from various football focused accounts. This means your World Cup digital signage stays fresh and relevant throughout the tournament without you having to miss any game time to manually update it yourself. Then, following the end of the World Cup, you can instead display your own social media and, as social media budgets are at a decade high, this is a cost-effective way to increase your social media presence.
A twitter feed is also easily integrated onto your digital screen through the use of our twitter widget. Not only can you display the tweets of your favourite footballer of the tournament (@HarryMaguire93), you can also pull in live tweets from a particular hashtag, allowing your audience to directly engage with your World Cup digital signage.


The online video-streaming site that is YouTube is probably the most engaging source of content as it enables you to display all of England’s highlights (and even Germany’s lowlights). Combing this with the other sources aforementioned, you suddenly have a screen filled with up-to-date and captivating media that will catch the attention of the many World Cup lovers that walk past your digital signage screen. And, once again, when the World Cup comes to a (hopefully) glorious end, you can then use your own or other business relevant YouTube videos to keep your more general audience engaged.

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