3 Reasons To Set Up Your Own Vet Channel

Nov 29, 2016 | Digital Signage, Retail

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Waiting room TVs have long been popular in veterinary practices, hospitals and dentists.

Many practices are content to just leave on the news but by doing so they are neglecting an opportunity. If you are a veterinary practice, why not set up your very own vet channel?

1. You can engage and inform pet-owners with relevant content

The problem with leaving Sky Sports or a music channel on your waiting room TV is that their content isn’t going to be appropriate for everyone. A retired pensioner is unlikely to want to see Beyoncé’s latest racy video, and a mum coming in with her child’s hamster might not care too much about the cricket scores. When you launch your own vet channel, you know the content you are displaying is relevant and of interest to pet-owners visiting your practice.
Vets can use the screen in their waiting room to circulate practice information such as opening hours, helplines or the dates of evening classes. A vet channel might run adverts on special offers the practice is running which are a lot more enticing when conveyed through video or animation.
While a vet channel is a great way of communicating information concerning your practice, a channel can be used as a highly effective educational tool. The scope for videos of interest to pet-owners is extremely broad. Practices could display videos giving advice on pet insurance, neutering, or the best practice when grooming your pet. A vet channel would also be an important means of warning pet-owners about dangerous foods or spreading viruses.
The great thing about educational content for waiting room TVs is that practices don’t need to create this content themselves. Advisory and informative videos can be sourced from the providers of vet channels such as TrouDigital’s own library, or even sometimes from YouTube.

3 Reasons To Set Up Your Own Vet Channel TrouDigital

2. You can promote your practice’s reputation

An investment in the creation of a vet channel for your waiting room TV is ultimately an investment in your practice’s reputation and brand. It’s more than about addressing pet-owner boredom, it’s about encouraging the confidence they have in you.
On a superficial level, having a smartly branded vet channel on your screen is going to leave a good impression, which is crucial during what is likely an anxious time for visitors. Offering informative content will reinforce your practice’s authority and expertise. Many of the most engaging vet channels display interviews with their staff to familiarise viewers with the team and establish a feeling of personal care.
Digital signage in a vet waiting room also allows for social media integration. A vet channel can be complimented with updates from the practice’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These avenues are becoming increasingly important for vet practices, just like any other kind of business. A simple but great way to utilise social media on screen is to showcase the positive testimonials of your users or share pictures of their pets.

3. A vet channel is easy to set up and affordable

While a branded vet channel for your practice might seem like a lot of work, setting one up is actually quite straight-forward with the right provider. TrouDigital, for example, possess a whole library of bespoke educational vet videos that can be deployed in any practice. We also provide screen layout templates that make personalising your channel easy with the addition of a practice’s logo and brand colours.
The maintenance of your channel is easy too. All content can be automated in advance, minimising work for staff. New videos can be uploaded and added to your playlists within minutes. The integration of social media is an effective way of ‘updating’ the content on your screen without any additional effort.
TrouDigital’s vet channel is priced on a monthly subscription that is actually less than many people pay for their TV and broadband at home. This includes a free Android media player which turns any existing TV screen into a dynamic signage display ready to launch your channel on.
More than being just affordable, setting up a vet channel can actually make your practice money. The possibilities for sponsorship and ad revenue are vast. With their own channel, practices can choose to promote only the products they genuinely recommend. In return for access to a highly targeted audience, suppliers will pay premium, knowing their money isn’t being wasted as with TV commercials on non-pet-owners.

Want to grow your practice? Contact us and start your own vet channel today.

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