Our Top 5 Creative Digital Signage Campaigns

Aug 15, 2019 | Advertising, Case Study, Digital Signage, Hardware, Leisure, Outdoor

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Digital signage advertising is a great way for businesses and marketing teams to push their creative limits to the max. This blog post identifies some of our favourite digital signage examples of companies that have integrated creative digital signage into their marketing campaigns. Taking a look at how it caused the campaigns to go viral and grab attention.

1. British Airways #Lookup

Our first creative digital signage example comes from British Airways. Their fantastic #lookup campaign took flight with a sprinkle of digital signage magic. According to The Drum, British Airways combined a large outdoor digital billboard with custom-built surveillance technology to track British Airways flights, flying above the billboard.

When the surveillance technology detected a flight above, the current advertisement would be paused and the British Airways advert would be unveiled. The advert involved a child walking onto the screen and pointing up at the plane live! A relevant message, such as ‘flight A380 to Los Angeles. ba.com/lookup’, would then appear.

This was an innovative way for British Airways to engage their passengers with their products and services. We look forward to seeing what British Airways and other companies have in store for their next digital signage project. Perhaps we could see the same technology being applied to train stations?

2. Swedish Pharmacy Hjartat

Hjartat is a pharmacy that you may not be familiar with in the UK. That being said, their campaign was extremely engaging because of their creative use of technology. This is why Hjartat made our list as one of the best digital signage examples.

Hjartat wanted to help people live a healthier life by giving up smoking. They combined large DOOH kiosks with smoke detectors. When a pedestrian walked by smoking, the billboard would activate and display a clip of a man coughing. The idea was to highlight the effects smoking can have on those around you. Once the clip was shown, methods to quit smoking, such as gum and patches, were then displayed on screen.

This is another brilliant example of creative digital signage and how it can be used to engage with your target audience. If you would like to explore how to do this for your business contact the team today.

3. Misereor – Social Swipe

You may have seen this digital signage example already if you are active on Facebook. Misereor’s ‘SocialSwipe’ campaign went viral after releasing the video on Facebook and YouTube (watch below). Viewers were amazed to see how Misereor turned a digital billboard into the ‘first interactive billboard to accept card payment’. This made it much easier for passers-by to donate to the cause being shown on screen.

How does this fantastic use of interactive digital signage work? A graphic would show on the screen, displaying things like a loaf of bread or hands bound by rope. The user would have to swipe their card to cut the rope or slice the bread live on screen. The sheer amazement of having such interaction with a charity is what caused the campaign to go viral. It was something that had never been done before and this contributed to more donations for the charity.

This use of creative digital signage is one that we are excited to see in action with other charities and businesses in the future. It adds another level to marketing campaigns and brings the user closer to the product or cause.

4. Pepsi Bus Shelter Augemented Reality Campaign #livefornow

This is one of our top digital signage examples here at TrouDigital. Another creative digital signage campaign constructed by Pepsi added a real fizz to their Pepsi Max campaign. Pepsi amazed everyone by combining a DOOH kiosk at a London bus shelter and the environment around it with augmented reality. To the everyday passerby, it looked like an ordinary window in the side of the shelter. However, it was a screen that included augmented reality.

The bus passenger would be looking through the window waiting for the bus when they would be greeted with UFO’s, tentacles coming out of drains and much more. This was supposed to give the passenger a fright, putting an emphasis on the hashtag #livefornow.

This creative digital signage idea is one that could be taken on by marketing teams across the globe. We certainly look forward to more of this from Pepsi in the future and are excited to see how others execute this concept themselves.

BBC’s explanation of Pepsi’s

5. Netflix GIF Campaign

The marketing team at Netflix produced a creative digital signage campaign that also interacted with the environment around the screens. This campaign involved installing DOOH kiosks around French stations to help promote the launch of the streaming service in France.

The screens would feature GIFs from Netflix exclusive shows that would play depending on what was going on in the environment around the screen. For example, if the French football team won a game, a GIF relating to being happy and celebrating would play.

This was a great creative use of digital signage that made adverts more relevant and helped to engage the audience Netflix was trying to attract.

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