Digital Signage For Health and Safety Displays – Communication Saves Lives

Mar 15, 2018 | Digital Signage

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

They might not be exciting but effective health and safety displays are paramount for many industries.

Failure to distribute this essential information can have disastrous consequences for both unfortunate individuals and companies.

Why go digital with health and safety displays?

Health and safety information is traditionally conveyed through posters and flyers.
There are a couple of problems with this approach…
Firstly and most problematically, posters are often ignored. More often than not, they are displayed alongside other information, perhaps on a noticeboard, which detracts from their messaging. The second shortcoming is that posters and flyers need to be regularly maintained and updated. A health and safety notice that is falling apart is a hazard in itself. But replacing them requires a lot of work.
Digital health and safety displays in the form of dynamic screens address both pain-points. 
Whether deployed in the transport or construction sector, a laboratory, builders merchant or hospital, a digital screen makes health and safety engaging by opening up the possibility of videos.
Implementing visual and moving content is proven to be the most effective way to attract and maintain attention, crucial in these environments. Rather than relying on audiences to read large bodies of text, scrolling tickers can make notices more eye-catching and digestible. 

Digital Signage For Health and Safety Displays - Communication Saves Lives TrouDigital

Digital signage is easy to update

The other main advantage to making your health and safety displays digital is the ease by which you can keep them updated. A fundamental requirement for hazardous environments. 
Rather than having to redesign, print and install posters and flyers, digital signage software allows you to change the content on a screen from any computer with an Internet connection. Any updates can be pushed live remotely to multiple locations. This makes life easier and organisations more eco-friendly too.

Interactive health and safety displays

Health and safety information is something audiences need to engage with actively to make sure best practices and precautions are adhered to. One of the most effective ways to ensure this is through interactive digital displays, using either touch-screens or external triggers. 
Touch-screen displays are ideal for health and safety as users can select the most appropriate content for them. A digital screen might showcase a whole library of educational videos and content to choose from. This is especially useful in environments where different tasks are carried out, entailing different risks. Displaying this breadth of content would not be possible without a digital solution. 
Taking interactivity one step further, screens can be coupled with a “lift and learn” feature where users tap objects on an RFID reader to trigger particular pieces of content. One deployment where this proved particularly popular was triggering safety videos onboard ferry vessels. 

Digital Signage For Health and Safety Displays - Communication Saves Lives TrouDigital

Hands-free safety information through voice

The most recent development in digital signage for health and safety is a complete game-changer. We’re talking about voice-activated screen content.
Why is this such a big deal? Well in many of the environments where health and safety training is vital, such as in factories and warehouses, workers need to be hands-free. This makes the touch-screens described above a bad fit.
Voice-activated digital signage solves this problem.
Users can stand in front of a display and use voice commands to trigger content such as safety videos. This can be a great demonstration tool for new hires and on-site training. It is also ideal for healthcare environments where hygiene issues might arise from touch-screen displays. 

In conclusion, digital signage makes a great alternative to traditional health and safety displays. Making the move to digital can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of which key information is conveyed.

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