Grow With Digital Signage For Charity

Apr 6, 2016 | Digital Signage, Non-Profit

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Digital signage for charity is modernising the non-profit sector.

Check out 5 benefits to digital signage below…

1 – Digital Signage Pays For Itself.

After investing in digital signage for charity, you could utilise it to screen adverts from third parties. Not only will this pay for the system in time, but also bring in valuable revenue which can go towards investment in your valuable cause.

2 – Engage With Social Media

You can stream your Twitter feed to the digital display. This means you can engage with your followers instantly. This is a perfect example of using digital signage to interact with your clients and the public. And those watching your sign can see this interaction as it happens!

3 – Display Videos and Images

Not only can you use digital displays to present static images (your latest press advert would look great on one of our digital signage displays), but you can also use it to stream live or recorded video. If you are holding an event, why not display it live as it happens? You could even use it to air your TV ad campaign. That way you are making sure your message reaches everyone who walks past your digital display.

4 – All Encompasing Information Centre

You can use your digital signage to display countless forms of information. That could be historical and present-day facts about your charity. It could also be something as trivial as news headlines or the weather. Your digital signage solution can take care of it all.

5 – Dynamic Donation Generation

Everyone who sees your digital signage will be immediately drawn to messages displayed therein. This means you can give people the option to donate as they go about their business. You could simply include text donation details as a banner on your signage. That way people have access to methods of donation 24/7.
Grow With Digital Signage For Charity TrouDigital

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