Driving Sales – Digital Signs For Car Dealers

Jul 5, 2016 | Digital Signage, Retail

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

To sell a modern car, you need a modern showroom. Digital signs for car dealers are revolutionising the industry.

Driving Sales - Digital Signs For Car Dealers TrouDigital

Make your sales team’s job easier with interactive displays that provide car specs at your customers’ fingertips.

Sync with stock databases

Selling used cars can be tricky with only so many parked outside – especially if it’s raining! Digital signs for car dealers allow you to display a changing feed of available cars. When used cars are added to your stock, simply upload a listing with a picture and it will be transferred to your screen. While the weather passes, customers can browse your motors from the comfort of a warm showroom.
Your new digital screens can also showcase the very latest models. Is there a particular car you want to sell this week? Give it pride of place within your display. You can programme your digital signage to work on timers, with your priority ads appearing most at peak times of the day.

Showcase manufacturers’ promo videos

Car manufacturers today are pooling more money than ever into cinema-worthy ads that entertain as much as inform. An audience watching one on television at home might not be interested in buying a car. But an audience stood in your dealership most likely is. Using digital signs to create video walls is an excellent way to make the most of a resource already available to you.

Browse through touchscreen catalogues

To sell luxury, you have to create a sense of luxury. You wouldn’t employ a salesman in jeans to sell a Rolls Royce. Why deck your showroom with posters that look like they were taken from a Top Gear magazine, or provide an Argos-like catalogue better off as a door-stop? Digital signs for car dealers create an air of luxury. Invest in touch screens, and your customers will have countless car specs at their fingertips.

Deploy high-speed social media streams

If your dealership is already using social media to reach out to customers, why not demonstrate your engagement in the showroom? Digital signs for car dealers can publicise the competition you’re running on Facebook. Do you answer FAQs on your Twitter? Great. Share your insight to in-house customers who might not be following you yet.
Driving Sales - Digital Signs For Car Dealers TrouDigital

Ensure your dealership stands out from the crowd with TrouDigital Signage.

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