Digital Waiting Room Displays At The Dentist

Sep 19, 2016 | Dentistry, Digital Signage

Your practice is running behind this morning and the surgery is filling up. Bored, anxious, impatient faces stare at the walls…

Digital waiting room displays at the dentist make the wait for an appointment that much easier.

Reduce anxiety, put your patients at ease

For many people, especially small children, going to the dentist is an uncomfortable, sometimes even traumatic event. The consequence of this is that people put off going altogether, skipping their check-ups until it’s too late and they need to get work done. Digital waiting room displays at the dentist can help reduce anxiety when it’s at its highest point.
Those nervously waiting to see their dentist can be put at greater ease with entertaining content on your screen to keep their mind off worrying. Something as simple as displaying a news feed will keep patients distracted. Tailoring video content for small children will be particularly appreciated by parents, eliminating the ‘fear factor’ of visiting the dentist.

Combat impatience with your practitioners’ schedule

It’s not just small children who hate being cooped up in the waiting room. Many adults squeeze in a trip to the dentist before they go to work or in their precious lunch break. No one appreciates being held up for 20 minutes for a 5 minute check-up. One person tapping their watch will be enough to put the whole room on edge. With digital waiting room displays, a practice can show the schedule of their appointments. Being transparent with patients so someone knows that they’re third in the queue is an effective way to combat impatience.

Use this time to distribute dental hygiene advice

Attention is a rare commodity. Everyone is so busy these days that it seems like no one has any time to learn about the ‘boring’ things like dental hygiene. Unfortunately, this means that distributing health information is more important than ever.
There is no better time to educate people than on their trips to the dentist or hospital. The 10 minutes a patient spends in the waiting room should be used to supplement the advice given by dentists while they’re in the chair. Short videos or engaging infographics on a digital screen can be used to promote the benefits of flossing or avoiding certain foods.

Recommend the products you want patients to use

Digital waiting room displays are also great for advertising beneficial products. Seeing a brand of toothpaste on an advert at the dentist will carry greater authority in a patient’s mind than watching a commercial at home. Should your private practice run any sponsorship deals with any healthcare suppliers, introducing displays in your waiting room could help boost revenue too.

With digital waiting room displays, your practice can turn a negative experience for patients into a productive and comfortable one.

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