Digital Signage TV – Launching an In-House Brand

Jul 31, 2017 | Digital Signage, Internal Communications

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Television is deeply embedded in our lives, with studies showing that 95% of families own a television that they watch daily. The beauty of television, from a marketing perspective, is that for years it has allowed companies to establish themselves and their brand.

Despite this prevalent use of television, further studies show that domestic television marketing today is starting to plateau and become rather ineffective and outdated, with the majority of television users opting to skip, ignore, and fast-forward adverts. This begs the question – is there a better platform upon which to promote your brand?

Enter digital signage TV. Digital signage, when appropriately used and positioned, can highly successfully engage passersby and capitalise on high footfall locations.
Nowadays, building a brand identity is key in separating yourself within competitive markets. A clear and powerful brand identity encourages new and old clients to do repeat business with you.
Digital Signage TV - Launching an In-House Brand TrouDigital

Establishing brand identity

Using digital signage can help consolidate brand identity. Optimising screens with testimonies from clientele, eye-catching images and videos, as well as linking up your social media streams can all assist building an image. The act alone of installing digital signage can reinvigorate brands as more innovative, forward-facing entities.

In-house TV channel

An effective step following the implementation of digital signage is to integrate and develop your very own in-house digital signage TV channel. This allows you to target your audience, or employees, in a completely unique way. For example, if you owned Joe Blogg’s Veterinary Practice you could develop JBloggsTV. Doing so, you might display an array of content such as your latest practice news, live TV streams, and the promotion of new products.

Selling sponsorship space

Perhaps the best thing about building a captivating in-house television channel is the easier it becomes to sell sponsorship space to partners and non-partners alike. Doing so can generate revenue for your business to cover the running costs and installation. Often, when the digital advertising screens are strategically placed in a location that receives high footfall and user interaction, it can provide a serious ROI in ad revenue.

With digital signage, do not subjugate yourself to simply using a PowerPoint or USB devices – your brand deserves more than that. Supercharge your signage beyond static images and implement your own smartly branded digital signage TV.

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