5 Uses of Digital Signage For Student Unions

Jul 19, 2016 | Digital Signage, Education

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

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At the heart of university life is the Student Union. Digital signage for Student Unions provides an information outlet that helps you connect and engage students.

Your Union elections are coming up. Your Performing Arts societies are putting on a production. Students nowadays are glued to their phones. How do you get their attention? Engaging with students through digital screens makes sense. It’s the logical solution.

1. Get Social With Your Students

Student Unions around the country pool effort into maintaining their social media presence. Lots of great content is already being put online every day. But relative to how many students actually attend a university, their audience of followers too often makes up only a minority. With digital signage for Student Unions, Unions can display their live social media streams where they won’t be missed. Students will be encouraged to engage with your Union’s Twitter account because your RTs will be shown on the big screen.

2. Promote Your Union Events

There’s always something going on at a Student Union. Many campuses have on-site cinemas, theatres, concert halls, not to mention sports facilities. Events range from name-making art exhibitions to degree-crowning Graduation Balls. Digital signage for Student Unions allows Unions to promote the range of events and activities going on around campus. With video capability, your screens could show trailers for films on at the cinema through YouTube, or even recorded clips from graduation.

3. Aid Your Visitors

When it comes to University Open Days, Student Unions are very much in competition with each other. Unions will often boast with statistics, such as their number of societies. But most visitors don’t remember the facts and figures. Prospective students base their decisions more often than not on a gut feeling. Making a good first impression then is crucial. Digital signage for Student Unions can play a part in this. Digital screens can aid events by displaying practical information like directions (way-finding) or a live time-table.

4. Publicise Your Support Services

Student Unions offer a whole host of support services from academic to housing and financial advice. With digital signage for Student Unions, Unions can display helplines and lesser known services in hotspots around the campus. Video interviews with advisors talking about the support they can offer can help familiarise the student body with their ports of call.

5. Tailor to Campus Buildings

Finally, digital signage for Student Unions can be tailored to buildings around campus. Outside the cinema, you could post film listings. Inside student eateries, you could list food and drink menus. Inside the library foyer during exam season, you could display time-tables and revision tips. With our TrouDigital signage solution, screens can be managed individually and fully customised.

Southampton University’s SU is just one of many Unions around the country connecting with students through TrouDigital.

The video wall below captures attention at the heart of their main Union building.

5 Uses of Digital Signage For Student Unions TrouDigital

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