4 Myths About Digital Signage Screens

Dec 16, 2016 | Digital Signage

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Often when we talk to someone that’s heard of digital signage, we quickly find they have certain misconceptions.

In this article, we bust the main myths surrounding the technology.

1. You Need To Be An IT Whizz To Manage Them

Digital signage sounds pretty complicated. People tend to assume that you need an IT expert to set up your system and manage your network. The truth, however, couldn’t be further from the case. Most digital signage screens are ordinary displays that run off media players that are plugged in via HDMI. If you can plug in an Xbox, you’re going to be fine. You’ll initially need at least a mouse to plug into the media player so you can log into your account, but after this initial set up, your signage network can be fully automated. The screen network itself can be remotely managed from any PC with an internet connection. No specialist knowledge or equipment is required apart from the media player but we’ll send you that for free!

2. You Need A Team of In-House Graphic Designers

Another anxiety people have about installing digital signage screens is the difficulty of creating content. Partly because digital signage displays look so professional, many assume they are the work of a graphic designer, if not an entire team. Most sectors don’t have these creative individuals in-house and hiring freelancers every time you want to update your screens would be an expensive feat. Thankfully, the TrouDigital Creative Studio is built with the average, non-creatively gifted user in mind. Its drag-and-drop interface lets users fully customise screen templates with a menu of widgets. You’ll be surprised just how easy and quick it is to put together professional looking presentations, personalised with your branding. Once you have set on designs you like, you can duplicate and tweak material to establish your own style and save time in the future.

3. Digital Signage Screens Are Expensive

Maybe the greatest myth deterring people from trying digital signage is a preconception surrounding the price. Anything digital has to be expensive, right? New technology costs an arm and a leg. Not really. The biggest cost associated with digital signage has always been investing in the screens themselves. Fortunately, the price of hardware has dramatically dropped in the last few years. Today, you can pick up a HD Smart TV for a few hundred pounds, and the quality doesn’t have to be 4K if you’re only using it for digital signage. The market for media players has also exploded, introducing a wide range of models and bringing down their cost. To make setting up digital signage screens even more affordable, TrouDigital send out free Android media players. This means that your only cost is the initial screen investment and an all-inclusive monthly subscription on the software.

4. The Technology Is Bad For The Environment

A final myth we’re eager to clean up is the environmental stigma that can be attached to new technology. We can appreciate why digital signage screens left on all day might seem bad for the environment. There are three reasons, however, why digital signage is actually a green technology. Firstly, digital signage is a great way of reinventing old tech. Televisions notoriously become outdated quickly with new developments every year. Fortunately, most screens nowadays are a sufficient resolution for digital signage. Dust off any displays you have lying around and simply connect a media player. The second green factor to digital signage is the energy efficiency of media players, in particular, Android Micro PCs. These devices only spend around £7 in electricity every year. Finally, going digital is a brilliant way of reducing paper usage. Digital signage screens replace the need to constantly print posters or flyers, over time, cutting your carbon footprint.

Now you know the truth from the myth, why not look into installing digital signage screens?

4 Myths About Digital Signage Screens TrouDigital

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