The Market for Digital Signage in Dubai – Best Digital Signage Dubai Solutions

Aug 17, 2017 | Digital Signage

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dubai, home to the Burj Khalifa and Mall of the Emirates, is a tech-capital of the Middle-East.

With vast expansive wealth, Dubai has developed into an innovative catalyst for businesses to grow and technology to expand.

With competition so stacked and the cost of living so high, how do you go about separating your business from the rest?

Many companies are choosing to use digital signage in Dubai.

The Market for Digital Signage in Dubai - Best Digital Signage Dubai Solutions TrouDigital

Here are the most innovative uses of digital signage Dubai:

Building your company’s identity through digital signage

If you are already considering digital signage in Dubai, then one thing is obvious – you care about your company brand. Having a good brand increases your employee drive, the value of your company, and the attractiveness of your company for new and existing clients.

Digital signage conveys all of this. It modernises your business and sets it apart.

Social media optimisation

Linking up your (or other popular) social media streams can be an enticing way to engage with people through your digital signage platform. You could display posts, images, and videos that have been sent to a hashtag. Or (for ease and up-to-date content) you could simply display tweets from the Dubai Media Office or other relevant Twitter accounts. Either way, it will keep your social media analytics rising and encourage social media engagement.

Plug-in, hassle free

During a recent business trip to Dubai, TrouDigital observed that many businesses were opting to use old-school signage methods. Using methods, such as USB sticks, can prove to be rather laborious. The process of having to create all the content yourself – as well as keeping it up-to-date with everything business related – is a long process. Using digital signage can help resolve this issue. Remotely scheduling content weeks, months, and years in advance removes the pressure of having to manually update and upload content.

Keeping up with market trends

Dubai serves as the image of globalisation, a city characterized by its digital literacy and low taxation that has acted as an incubator for business growth. Digital signage and Dubai go hand-in-hand, somewhat like snapchat and selfies, mouses and keyboards, and even falafel and hummus.

On a serious note, digital signage is the perfect tool to keep your business in line with the latest market trends. Gone are the days of static signage, digital signage in Dubai is THE platform to make your business stand out in competitive fields.

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