Digital Signage CMS – An Introductory Guide

Oct 3, 2017 | Digital Signage, Software

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Digital signage CMS stands for ‘content management system’: a platform where users create, upload and organise media.

A content management system speaks directly to a media player that is plugged into the back of a screen (or is sometimes inbuilt) to display the content. The CMS is the main control system for your digital signage and is arguably the most important part of your setup as it is where you produce what you will be showing to your audience.

Our features

Our digital signage CMS has many drag-and-drop widgets that you can use to create engaging content like images, scrolling text, video, weather updates, RSS feeds and social media feeds. Your content can promote awareness of your product or service, important information, contact details and entertainment. Our digital signage is ideal for advertising and we now offer touchscreen integration too!
Check out our ‘tips to improve engagement with your screens‘ for advice on how to design your creatives!

Digital Signage CMS - An Introductory Guide TrouDigital

Cloud-based CMS

There are several varieties of content management systems across the industry that offer different features. They mainly differ in how the content is created and managed.
At TrouDigital, we offer a cloud-based digital signage CMS where a content creation studio is accessed through our website, with all of your data saved in the cloud. You are given a username and password to login and manage your screen network and content. You can create your own slides (known as ‘creatives’) or upload content directly such as videos or posters. A huge benefit of a cloud-based solution is that you can log into the CMS from anywhere in the world to make quick changes. Our solution is ideal for organisations needing flexibility.
Using the CMS, you can monitor how your content is displaying on your screens with real-time status updates. This allows you to solve any issues that need to be addressed, for example, a lost connection. You can also handily schedule content to automatically play on a set day or time. An example of this would be creating content that advertises your ‘Black Friday‘ promotions and then scheduling the content to only show on Black Friday.

Digital Signage CMS - An Introductory Guide TrouDigital Support service

The foundation for effective digital signage starts with a powerful CMS and extends to a reliable and accommodating support team. With TrouDigital, your introduction to signage can begin with a comprehensive free tutorial by one of our trainers. If you do sign up with us, our graphic designers are happy to create you bespoke screen templates to get the ball rolling. Should you encounter any issues with your signage or have any questions about our CMS, we are always on hand for support. Whether you want one single screen or several, our solution is scalable to a network of 100 screens and every customer is treated the same.

Digital signage CMS are a lot simpler than they sound. For an intuitive content management system, speak to TrouDigital.

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