App-solutely Brilliant – TrouDigital’s Digital Signage App Integration

Jul 9, 2018 | Digital Signage, Estate Agents

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

The millennial era can be characterised by the app revolution, in which there has been an explosion in the usage of Android and Apple apps. The revolution has been so transforming that it has lead to some believing we have barely scratched the game-changing potential of mobile apps.

From Candy Crush to Uber, apps have changed the way that we approach life. By making our lives easier and somewhat more exciting, its estimated the millennial spends just over 90 minutes of their day using their smart phone.

Behold, some of the most functional apps TrouDigital integrates with:


Sick and tired of having to email a bot and pay extortionately high support charges? Here at TrouDigital, we offer a free 8.00-18.00 support service accessible via phone, email, or our website; as well as a library of support videos and guides to deal with any need. Uniquely, TrouDigital also works with TeamViewer making us able to remotely access your signage screen to deal with any issues that may arise, meaning that you can get back to focusing on your job and not worrying about your signage.

Property CRM Software

Since 2011, the number of estate agents and auctioneers in the United Kingdom has grown by 13,000. With so much competition, estate agents have to find ways to separate themselves from their competitors. Unfortunately, the use of light pockets and static signage is no longer suffice to do so. As such, estate agents are now employing the use of a digital alternative, namely digital signage. Placing a high brightness digital screen in the window engages passersby and can be the difference between a potential landlord or tenant using your agency opposed to a competitor.
What ultimately makes TrouDigital’s offering so unique to estate agents is our integration with almost any property CRM software, such as Expert Agent, Jupix, and Reapit. By integrating with these, a live feed of properties transfers from your CRM onto your digital screen without you having to lift a finger.

Social Media

It wouldn’t be fitting to discuss apps and millennials without mentioning social media. With marketing budgets changing across the last decade to focus on social media, companies small and large are seeing the revenue generating potential of a good social media presence. By integrating with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, TrouDigital’s solution allows you to display the latest activity from your social media and related hashtags. Give your social media the attention it deserves by putting it up on an eye-catching digital signage screen.App-solutely Brilliant - TrouDigital's Digital Signage App Integration TrouDigital

Google Drive

Unlike most other digital signage providers, TrouDigital’s solution integrates with the Google Drive suite, meaning you can alter content on any one of your screens on the move using your phone or tablet. Save yourself the time and expense required to disable, update, and enable USB devices by updating your screen from almost any geographical location.

Tube & Transport Timetabling

Are your colleagues, customers, or students using local public transport regularly? If so, why not make their commute easier by integrating your screens with local transport timetables. For one of our colleges in London, it was imperative to display live tube timetables to allow students enough time to make their journey home. To do so, TrouDigital integrated their screen software with local tube feeds enabling their students and staff to plan their route home.

Digital Signage App

Looking for a bespoke digital signage app? Here at TrouDigital, we have built numerous bespoke apps for customers in sectors ranging from educational institutions to estate agents and even car showrooms. Want to display a live property feed? To measure customer engagement and analytics? View an up-to-date catalogue of cars and vehicles on a digital screen? If any of these are applicable for you or you have an idea yourself, allow us to build you a bespoke digital signage app.

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