Digital Screens At Your Event

Jul 6, 2016 | Digital Signage, Hospitality

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Forget banners or billboards – digital screens at your event are the future.

Whether you’re hosting a trade show, music festival or family wedding, communicate with your attendees the modern way.

Connect through social media

Almost everyone at your event will have a smart phone in their pocket. In fact, they probably tweeted to announce their arrival and will be snapchatting throughout the day. With digital screens at your event, you can connect with your attendees. Retweet their pictures or start a hashtag for your event. Huge festivals like Glastonbury are already doing it and there’s no reason you can’t at your wedding! Make your guestbook digital with an interactive touchscreen display that shares messages to the happy couple.

Display your event’s schedule

There’s nothing more frustrating than being at a festival and not knowing who’s playing when. With digitals screens at your event, you’ll keep your attendees informed so they can make the most of their day. Displaying the lineups for multiple stages is so much easier with a rotating slideshow. And if the schedule of your event changes for any reason, tell attendees right away with live alerts.

Ensure no one gets lost

Hosting a trade show or conference? You probably have a packed out schedule with demonstrations and presentations across your site. For things to run smoothly, you need to make sure people know where they’re going. Digital screens at your event are the easiest way to offer directions. Even pointing out the closest toilet or eatery will be surely appreciated by your visitors!

Convey sponsored messages

Events are a huge marketing opportunity. They bring hundreds, even thousands of people together in one place at one time. If you’re a company attending an industry trade show, everyone walking past could be a potential customer. So how do you grab their attention? In today’s world, a static billboard or paper poster just won’t cut it. Get yourself seen on a digital screen – engage with a new audience through social media. Alternatively, if you’re hosting an event, boost its revenue through paid sponsorship on your displays.

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