Why Digital Salon Signs Are The Next Hot Trend

Dec 7, 2016 | Digital Signage, Hospitality

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

For many, a trip to the salon is a luxury past-time. It’s a chance for someone to take an hour, maybe a few, out of their hectic schedule, unwind, and leave feeling good.

Men and women spend a lot of money on visits and therefore deserve the best possible experience. Digital salon signs not only add to this feeling of luxury, they have real benefits for salon owners too.

In this blog, we take you through 6 reasons why digital salon signs are changing the came for salons around the world.

1. Show Tailored Beauty Content To Clients

Many salons are yet to even invest in a TV for their clients, leaving them to read beauty magazines (which are often unacceptably out of date) or resort to bringing a book from home. When there is at least a TV up in a salon, hairdressers or beauty practitioners tend to just leave a music channel on for some background noise. Both alternatives can leave clients feeling bored and neglect the serious opportunity of utilising your clientele’s attention.

Digital salon signs allow practices to show tailored beauty content that they know will be of interest to their customers. Beauty tutorials are extremely popular, for example, and relevant to someone that’s come in for styling. While creating your own videos would be a seriously impressive way to market your salon, an easier option would be to display YouTube tutorials on your screens. Your stylists can curate their favourite channels and share their inspiration with your client base.

Maybe your salon has a gallery of pictures showing clients happy with their new look. If this is the case, you can show off their styles on-screen as a testament to your work. If you already have positive Instagram reviews or a following on Twitter, you can also integrate the salon’s social media accounts to engage with customers and let them speak for you.

Why Digital Salon Signs Are The Next Hot Trend TrouDigital

2. Promote The Salon’s Services And Special Offers

A digital salon screen is a highly effective way to promote your services and special offers. Used as a dynamic catalogue, screen slideshows can cycle through your services, with pictures and video supplementing important information like pricing. If you’re a diverse beauty salon offering a wide range of treatments, it’s probably the case that some clients just come in to get their nails done, while others just for a blow-dry. Digital salon signs are a subtle way of informing your clients about what else you offer, enticing them to try new treatments.

Digital signage in your salon (perhaps in the window) also helps with the promotion of your special offers. If you’re running a 2-for-1 offer on a product range, or a limited time discount on certain treatments, on-screen adverts are proven to increase uptake. An engaging display in the window will be able to pull passersby in, while a screen in your waiting room might encourage clients to pick up a few extra products that are on promotion.

Why Digital Salon Signs Are The Next Hot Trend TrouDigital

3. Generate Sponsorship Money From Product Suppliers

Linked to the promotion of products is the potential for sponsorship revenue. All stylists have their favourite products and brands, right? Many salons are even affiliated with particular brands or at least operate less formally as distributors. Selling products to complement treatments is a significant source of income for beauty practices. Digital salon screens offer a unique opportunity to attract sponsorship deals from suppliers too.

Some of the larger chains of salons might already have sponsorship deals where they encourage certain lines of product, giving them prime location on their displays, or perhaps having posters up and literature on hand. Having digital salon signs to show product or brand advertisements takes this one step further and is an inviting opportunity for salons of all sizes. Advertisers will pay a premium for access to your salon’s customers right at the time when they are most likely to purchase beauty-related products. Used in this way, a digital salon screen is a financial investment as much as anything else. Salons can promote their favourite brands and get paid to do so. Digital signage pays for itself in no time.

4. Display Appointment Schedules And Booking Availability

Digital salon signs are a must-have when it comes to organisation. Too many beauty practitioners today continue to rely on a physical booking diary or calendar. And those that don’t still often have to search a database when a customer calls enquiring about making a booking. Digital signage can integrate with a salon’s booking system to improve the transparency between a salon and its clientele. Someone walking in from the street can check to see how busy the salon is before deciding whether to wait for a last-minute appointment. Small things like this are greatly appreciated by customers and help address waiting room anxiety if an appointment is running a few minutes behind.

If a salon really wanted to impress, it could invest in touch screen salon signs. With interactive signage, customers are able to check the availability of certain treatments, or perhaps their favourite practitioner. Within seconds, they can book themselves in to pop back later that day or in the week, without having to speak to a member of staff if the team is busy.

Why Digital Salon Signs Are The Next Hot Trend TrouDigital

5. Schedule Marketing Messages And Promotions

With the advancements in digital signage technology, you no longer have to rush to create and deploy a marketing campaign in time for a festive or holiday period. The introduction of scheduling allows you to manage your time far more effectively. By allocating pieces of content to play in as far in advance as you would like, those quieter periods of business can now be put to good use.

Once the festive or holiday period has ended, you can then easily return to your original rotation of content, which is stored within the cloud.

Click the link to find out more about digital signage scheduling.

6. Showcase Customer Testimonials

When building a recognisable tanning salon brand expensive advertisements have their place, but nothing can make or break a brand quite like word-of-mouth.

Customers who are proud of their purchase of a good product or service are quick to share it with their friends or leave reviews online, such as on Google or the tanning salon’s Facebook or Twitter. In today’s world, testimonials and online ratings can be the deciding factor for shoppers when choosing between various tanning locations.

By installing digital signage screens within your tanning salon, either in the salon itself or in front of a street-facing window, you can benefit from this opportunity. You can display testimonials made in-store alongside images to show off your services, or even creatively display your best Google and Facebook reviews, increasing the burning desire for passersby to enter the salon.

Digital salon signs are a hot trend to watch in the beauty industry. Going digital helps practitioners in their goal to deliver a luxury experience.
Why Digital Salon Signs Are The Next Hot Trend TrouDigital

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