How To Improve Corporate Internal Communication

Sep 27, 2016 | Corporate, Digital Signage

Whatever the size or type of company, corporate internal communication is always a huge factor determining success.

Installing digital signage around your office or workplace enhances internal communication, and with it, the performance of your business.

Employee-facing digital signage can be used to…

1. Reinforce brand image and promote company values.

A company’s brand image is just as important to its employees as its consumer market. After all, a business’s reputation reflects on its staff, and vice versa. Company identity is something every employee should buy into when they join your team. They should be familiar with – and ultimately share – your company’s values. Using digital signage around your office is a simple way to promote and nurture these values.

2. Improve inter-departmental or inter-office communication.

As companies grow, they tend to become more departmentalised. A small team once covering sales and marketing might evolve into two separate departments. On different floors, or even different premises. Inter-departmental communication is crucial when it comes to ensuring that a business operates smoothly, as a whole. Digital signage screens offer transparency. A screen facing your marketing team can keep them in the loop on sales targets. Likewise, a display for the sales team might show recent marketing campaigns or progress on their lead generation.
Building corporate internal communication channels across departments helps your employees better understand their place in the wider operation.

3. Increase exposure for company events.

Whether you want to publicise a charity event that your company is involved with, or an upcoming training day for employees, digital signage is guaranteed to engage. Too often generic office emails simply aren’t opened. The best way to advertise anything is to go where your audience’s attention lies. There are times in the day where even the most proactive of employees find themselves staring at the wall, or religiously checking the time. Installing digital signage screens is therefore a highly effective way to promote company events through eye-catching video or graphics.

4. Motivate staff and make their lives easier.

Anything that’s going to aid your staff’s daily routine or boost their morale is a worthwhile investment. Digital screens around the office have extremely practical potential. As the office starts to shut down for the day around 4:30pm, your screens could be used to display traffic warnings or transport information. The dates of upcoming employees’ birthdays might be uploaded so the office can celebrate together. It’s these small gestures that make a difference and ultimately impact how long an employee sticks around.

Ultimately, businesses operate through conversation. An investment in digital signage is an investment in openness and clarity.

How To Improve Corporate Internal Communication TrouDigital

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