Boring Screens? Switch Signage Solutions!

Jul 21, 2016 | Digital Signage

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

You already have digital screens up at your office, shop or college, but you’re fed up with your current management system.

How easy is it to switch signage solutions?

Trou Digital Signage Solutions can be integrated with any network of screens. Monitors today are the largest cost involved in digital signage. Having already made this investment, no company should settle with second-rate signage software – especially when it’s so easy to switch signage solutions. Upgrading to TrouDigital only requires plugging in an android media player to the back of each monitor, where it will be neatly out of sight. We’re so confident that you’ll love our cloud-based software, we are happy to provide these media players free of charge.
Once your screens are online, we’ll provide you with as many user logins as you require. While we boast about having the most user-friendly signage solution, that doesn’t mean we’ll quite literally leave you to your own devices. Unlike other companies, we’ll walk you through how our signage system works. A member of staff will demo our software to you, helping you set up the content you wish to display.
If you have any specific requirements, perhaps integrated time-tabling software for a college, let us know and we’ll cater to your personal needs. Our support doesn’t end with a tutorial – our team is always just a phone or video call away to offer guidance.
We take pride in our signage so you can too.

Why switch signage solutions to TrouDigital?

We save you time

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a small business, school or a national group of gyms, the one thing you can’t afford to waste is your time. Trou Digital Signage Solutions saves you time. Many of our clients used to complain about having to create PowerPoint presentations to play on their screens through a USB. Their content was limited, having to be played and updated manually. With Trou Digital Signage Solutions, you can manage each screen’s content either individually or collectively through the cloud. Your screens will be able to host a variety of media from images and video to social media streams, side by side, on a self-revolving display.

We make you money

One of the greatest benefits of switching to TrouDigital is the ability to take away all the advertising revenue you make. Many signage providers, especially those in the education sector, hook customers in with an enticing introductory offer, only to claim back the vast majority of advertising revenue made on their screens. Customers often end up with little control over the content they display. TrouDigital gives you back control. Your screens and our software will quickly pay for itself once you start seeing the advertising revenue you have created.

We save you trouble

A final reason to switch to TrouDigital Signage Solutions is peace of mind. Many signage systems, across all sectors, are currently being run by in-house developers. One member of staff, usually someone clued up in IT, is responsible for all your screens and the content they display. They might know what they’re doing, but what happens if something goes wrong and they’re not around? What happens if the individual who’s designed and managed your signage actually leaves? With TrouDigital, you’re in safe hands. Anyone is able to manage our solution, but should anything go wrong, you can rely on our support. And unlike with DIY signage, you know our software is constantly being updated.

Why not give it a go? You’ve got nothing to lose.

With our free trial of the software (no credit card required) just sign up here and you can start using the system straight away. If you’re a re-seller or partner looking to sell our solutions, feel free to call us on 02380 981110. Switch signage solutions today.
Boring Screens? Switch Signage Solutions! TrouDigital

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