5 Benefits of Digital Signage For Vets

Sep 20, 2016 | Digital Signage, Retail

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Ever caught your cat watching TV? Make their visit to the vets more pleasant with a digital signage screen.

Okay, so it’s not really for them. But here are 5 benefits of digital signage for vets that your practice can’t afford to miss out on.

The chance to…

1. Educate pet owners

As a pet owner, I find myself constantly googling things I should probably already know about my pet. We all worry when our furry loved ones so much as cough. We’ll pick up the phone to our local vets to ask ‘is this normal?’. As sympathetic as vets are to our concern, we should probably avoid wasting their time. Digital signage for vets seizes the opportunity to educate pet owners. Whether it’s allergy advice (no dogs can’t eat chocolate) or vaccine recommendations, a screen in your waiting room is a brilliant way to enlighten pet owners.

2. Promote pet products

Once in a while, an advert promoting a pet product (usually a tin of something claiming to make your dog talk) comes on TV. While your pet on the sofa might perk up, the chances are you, as a pet owner, won’t take much notice. In the age of Netflix, we’re used to fast-forwarding the adverts. Digital signage for vets capitalises on rare access to our attention. A signage screen gives vets the chance to promote the products they recommend. One need only watch a dental commercial to know professional approval counts. A practice will find no more captive audience than a room full of pet owners who are visiting because they care about their surrogate children.

3. Entertain your waiting room

The thing people hate most about waiting rooms is the waiting. Digital signage for vets is a great way to occupy your clients from irritably checking their watch when a practice is running behind schedule.
Visiting the vets can be stressful for owners as well as pets. Digital waiting room displays at the vet can help reduce this anxiety. Displaying a news feed, or perhaps pet related video content, will keep visitors entertained. Such a simple change can have a huge effect on your customers’ satisfaction. Putting pet owners at ease will also make visiting the vet a more positive experience for their animals.

4. Display surgery notices

Having a visitor-facing digital screen has the additional benefit of offering somewhere prominent to display surgery notices. The list of posters and memos you can find on a vet’s noticeboard is endless. A veterinary practice might advertise evening puppy classes next to a pet bereavement service. A member of staff might be leaving, or the practice could be closing early one day next week. With a digital screen, these notices won’t be missed. They can be automated to scroll on a timer and given their appropriate importance.

5. Save your staff time

A final benefit of digital signage for vets is efficiency. Someone at a practice is responsible for updating those falling apart noticeboards and peeling posters. Often displays are left up until the content they display is long outdated. While understandably not a priority for staff, this reflects badly on the practice itself. Having a digital screen makes life easier. Content can be remotely automated long in advance and set to rotate. Freeing your receptionist to answer the desk will help your practice run a little more smoothly.
5 Benefits of Digital Signage For Vets TrouDigital

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