Dental Waiting Room TV | Top 5 Uses

Mar 12, 2020 | Dentistry

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

There has been a rise in dental practices using a waiting room TV to promote dental products, oral hygiene, display staff information, entertain waiting patients, and much more. The emergence of the dental waiting room TV has been a time-saving replacement for print media like posters and leaflets. Not only does it save time and cut down on print costs, but it also launches your dental practice into the 21st century. 

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Dental Waiting Room TV | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

1. Promote Oral Hygiene Practices

We all know that keeping our oral hygiene in order is a top priority. However, it can be easy to forget or ignore simple tips and tricks recommended by dentists. Many of these recommendations are placed in printed literature such as leaflets or posters. These often blend into the surroundings of a waiting room and the message is ignored or lost.

However, dentists have started promoting oral hygiene practices through a dental waiting room TV. With the fantastic addition of digital signage software, dentists can display tips and tricks in the form of videos, graphics, and even interactive content. For example, to remind waiting patients that they need to floss, the dental practice could display short, effective videos educating patients on the correct way to floss and why it is important. A dental waiting room TV is far more engaging and the patient is likely to leave the practice remembering what they saw on the screen and continue to practice proper oral hygiene at home. 

2. Introduce Your Staff

One way to make patients feel welcome at your practice is through the familiarity of your staff. A staff profile can help calm nervous patients and reduce anxiety. For example, if the patient is a keen football fan and they see that the dentist loves football too from their staff profile, the patient may know they have something to talk about with the dentist. 

Furthermore, knowing that dentists and hygienists are experienced can help keep patients calm. For example, if a patient is having their first root canal treatment, they may be anxious and want to know they’re in safe hands. By simply showcasing a dentist’s experience on the dental waiting room TV, anxiety may be reduced as patients know they have the best dentist for the job.

Dental Waiting Room TV | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

3. Promote Dental Products With Your Dental Waiting Room TV

Promoting dental products on a dental waiting room TV is a great way to ensure that patients are consuming the correct products to aid their oral health. Not only does this ensure patients get the products your dentist recommends, but it can also increase funding for other ventures the practice may have. Whether these are charitable donations or even buying new equipment.

Thanks to cloud-based digital signage software, promotional content can be added, scheduled, and replaced with ease. This means you no longer have to order, store, and install posters. Simply drag and drop the content onto the signage software canvas and your content will be available on screen. It’s that simple. 

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Dental Waiting Room TV | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

4. Social Media

With over 2.89 billion people on social media, social media continues to remain central to conversations that people have. It is vital that dentists are staying active and that their patients are engaging with their social media channels. There are endless positive aspects of social media that your dental practice can bring onto your dental waiting room TV. For example, through integrating a live twitter feed you can keep your patients up to date with your practices activities outside the dental world. This could be something like showcasing your practice’s charity work or even something fun like one of your staff completing a charity run. 

One example we love is showcasing a feed of live social media testimonials. Let your treatments speak for themselves and encourage your current patients to share their results on social media with a unique hashtag. With digital signage software, you can pull all the posts and display them on your screen. Other patients can see the results when sitting in your waiting room and may be encouraged to book the treatment themselves.

Dental Waiting Room TV | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

5. Entertain Waiting Patients With A Dental Waiting Room TV

Exciting is often not the first thought when thinking of a waiting room. Most people will recall images of staring at the clock or flicking through the same 5 pages of an old magazine. That’s where a dental waiting room TV comes into play. With a dental waiting room TV you can display live TV alongside important dental messages. This means you can advertise dental products and introduce staff whilst playing your chosen TV channel. This can help reduce perceived wait times. 

However, the entertainment possibilities through dental digital signage don’t stop at TV. You can also entertain patients through interaction. By integrating an RFID reader with your display you can install a ‘lift and learn’ system to educate and entertain patients. This can be particularly good for younger patients who need to be educated about dental hygiene practices and things to look out for. For example, in the waiting room, you could have a card on the table with an RFID chip inside it resembling a chocolate bar. A child could press the card against the RFID reader and content could be triggered that explains how the chocolate bar can affect oral health and what can be done to mitigate it. It could even trigger fun educational videos to enhance quality. 

Dental Waiting Room TV | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

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