Post-Pandemic Digital Signage | Reviving The Office

Jul 15, 2021 | COVID-19 Solutions

Helena Hamina

Helena Hamina

As Coronavirus restrictions begin to be lifted, it’s time we turn our attention to post-pandemic digital signage. We should now be asking – how can digital displays help organisations launch back into the physical workspace? The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt disrupted the way office spaces operate. For around 18 months employees have been working from home. Upon returning to the office, they now find themselves having to follow new restrictions and hygiene practices. With increased handwashing, smaller teams, and increased social distancing, as a result, it’s fair to say the office has changed for the foreseeable future.

As employees return to offices, it is crucial that the workplace has successfully adapted and is ready to operate in the post-pandemic era. Introducing reminders to follow good hygiene practices and installing extra hand sanitisation stations are just a couple of the many ways offices can ensure a safer working environment. In addition, these new practices aim to slow the spread of germs and viruses, and hopefully ensure offices won’t have to shut down again.

In this blog, discover how digital signage can help keep staff safe and offices open post-pandemic.

Improving Hygiene with Digital Signage for The Office

One of the biggest talking points of the pandemic was hygiene. Since the beginning, people everywhere have been encouraged to practice good hygiene to slow down the spread of the virus. In fact, hygiene was (and still is) so important that there was a huge hand sanitiser shortage. Some hygiene guidance includes frequently washing hands, wearing masks, not touching your face, and keeping windows open. Ensuring your organisation follows these hygiene practices is paramount in keeping staff safe, and ensuring the business is operating efficiently.

In an effort to ensure employees follow restrictions and maintain good hygiene, businesses should deploy regular health and safety reminders. Due to the speed at which information changes surrounding the pandemic, traditional posters and leaflets have proved ineffective. As new guidelines, restrictions (or even the lifting of restrictions) are changed daily, print materials simply can’t keep up. Information quickly becomes outdated and your audience may consume the wrong advice.

Digital screens, however, provide an excellent solution to this problem. Companies can upload and deploy the latest hygiene guidance in seconds to their screen network. From a central dashboard, a user can remotely create hygiene content and upload it to their screens. Through scheduling features, users can set hygiene content to play at critical times such as just before the working day or during lunch hours (times employees are likely to be leaving and entering the office).

Additionally, digital displays possess the ability to display bright, dynamic, eye-catching content. This helps increase engagement ensuring your hygiene messages are absorbed and digested.

Post-Pandemic Digital Signage | Reviving The Office TrouDigital

Supercharging Employee Communication and Engagement in the Office

The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone and people have been struggling to find motivation. Therefore, it is important for offices to motivate their employees and ensure they are working with the same levels of motivation and enthusiasm as before. Communicating and engaging with employees can be a great way to help them regain their mojo and ensure they return back to their best!

In an article, Forbes outline the importance of employee engagement and wellness. They quote that business teams with high engagement can show 21% increased profitability, whereas disengaged employees are costing US companies $550 million each year. In the article, Forbes hammer home that good wellness practices result in better performance and retention. But how can post-pandemic digital signage help?

Screens in the office can display motivational messages, live reports on team performance, and can showcase company or team targets. Consistently showing this information will encourage employees to strive for the best work and consequentially. As a result, will help them bring more success to the business. Motivational messages such as an “employee of the week” or “you said X so we did Y” content will make employees feel heard. This will result in a happier working environment.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of digital dashboards, companies can convey live statistics, KPIs, and performance metrics in an aesthetically pleasing way. This will revamp the office space by giving it a modern touch and ensures employees have their finger on the pulse for company performance.

Post-Pandemic Digital Signage | Reviving The Office TrouDigital

Digital Hand Sanitisers

Although we’re approaching the end of the pandemic, the importance of good hygiene looms large. This is especially true for office spaces, where people are more likely to interact with others. This increases the risk of spreading germs and viruses. Organisations globally have made an effort to increase the availability of sanitisation stations. This helps ensure employees can keep their hands clean where and when they need to.

In post-pandemic digital signage, it is likely we’ll keep seeing digital hand sanitisers. These are essentially sanitisers with a screen on top. Content plays on-screen after a user takes a pump of sanitiser. This makes them great for engaging important messages with employees and visitors.

By introducing digital hand sanitisers to offices, companies can reduce the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses. This technology not only promotes good hygiene practice but also encourages its users to interact with it. With custom messaging, an office can deliver important messages right when the employee is taking some sanitiser and engagement is at its highest. These messages could be promotions in the lunch cafeteria, company scheme reminders, or even a video showing how to properly apply the sanitiser.

Post-Pandemic Digital Signage | Reviving The Office TrouDigital

Touchless Screens

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought up concerns about using shared touchscreens. Therefore, it’s only natural, that touchless solutions would see a boost in popularity. According to McKinsey & Company, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adaption of technology. In a survey, it was discovered that the expected time for companies to adopt new technologies was slashed from over a year to just a matter of weeks. As a result, we can expect companies to continue adopting new technologies.

In the digital signage universe, we’ve seen increased adoption of touchless displays. These displays will provide solutions to users without the need for physical touch or interaction. Activated by voice, QR codes, gestures, or facial recognition amongst other things, these screens can do anything a regular touchscreen can do, just without human contact. This is a revolutionary digital signage solution we expect to see in the post-pandemic office.

Online Booking With Digital Signage for The Smart Office

Booking a meeting room in a large office can be a hassle. This is especially true if you need to contact a third party to do so. Making the contact, asking for availability, and checking against your dates can take a long time. GPs and hotels and already found a way around this with self-serve automated booking systems.

With a self-serve automated booking system, employees can view space availability, pick a time, and book their meeting room. This is done from one screen. Once booked, the user can receive an email confirmation of their booking. This ensures the meeting room is used and doesn’t go to waste. This frictionless process can help your office safe a valuable amount of time.

Post-Pandemic Digital Signage | Reviving The Office TrouDigital

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